How to Choose the Right Lounge Chairs for Your Living Room


When designing a space like a living room, one element that you should not play down are the benefits of using lounge chairs. These types of furniture will not only provide additional seating but it’s also a great way to add character to any space.

If you’re currently designing your living room, trust us, you’ll never go wrong with a few lounge chairs. You just have to make sure that the lounge chair that you’re going to buy will perfectly complement your space in terms of the size and style of your living room.  

With a plethora of choices that are available in the market right now, shopping for the perfect lounge chairs can be a pretty tall order.

That’s why in this piece, we’re going to help you narrow down your options by giving you some tips on how to choose the right lounge chairs for your space. Below are several considerations you need to ponder on when buying a lounge chair.

  1. What is the function of the lounge chair?

Identifying how the lounge chair will be used in the space will help you determine which kind you need to buy. Are you looking for a chair for a reading nook that you’ve set up in your living room? Or do you just want to add an accent colour by the entryway?

If you think the chair will be used all the time, you will probably need to consider buying more durable furniture. If you’re just gunning for the colour that a lounge chair will bring, you’ll need to consider how that chair will complement the rest of the space.

That brings us to the next factor.

  1. Where will you place it?

It’s important to know the area where the lounge chairs are going to be placed beforehand. Because as we’ve just said, it must blend into the living room to achieve the design theme that you’re going for.

These lounge chairs must coexist with other furniture in terms of style, colours, and material. In short, it must tie the room together.

Another reason why you need to identify where a lounge chair will be placed is to get the right measurements. This way, the chair will perfectly fit the space.

Speaking of measurements, the next factor you need to consider is all about that.

  1. How big is the lounge chair that you need?

Depending on which nook or area you’re going to place the furniture, the measurement will certainly vary. No one size fits all.

If you’re adding your lounge chair to an area where there’s already an existing table, you must consider the size of the table. Ask yourself, if you’re going to use the chair and the table, what size will you need to comfortably use both?

The size and scale of every piece of furniture in the living room must match each other. To perfectly achieve this, take your tape measure and run it down an item of furniture to determine its length, width, and height. Then from there, look for a chair that will perfectly match that size.

  1. What furniture material is perfect for the place?

Last and certainly not least, materials. There are endless choices of lounge chairs Australia when you consider this element. You just have to figure out what style and functionality you’re going for.

For example, if you’re going to use the lounge chair every day, you will need a more durable material like natural and synthetic leather. However, they’re much harder to maintain compared to wooden, metal, or plastic chairs which are all easy to clean with just a wipe.







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