How Essential Oils Can Help Tighten Skin


Your age is inversely proportional to your skin health – the more you age, the faster your skin loses its beauty. From face, neck, and arms to stomach, buttocks, and legs, you often try to find something that was once a symbol of your charm and youthfulness. Then, as an attempt to normalize the things, many of you run from shelf to shelf in the cosmetic stores and try everything from tightening creams to anti-sag serums, which are considered the most effective finds to bounce back to lacklustre skin. These products may be effective but their side-effects are often irreversible. But only a few of you go for something natural that can give your desired results without pushing you towards any harm. Yes, you can be one of those successful people who are using essential oils in their daily skin-care regimen and stock up supplies with pure essential oils in wholesale.

Now, the question ‘how essential oils can help tighten skin’ might be popping up in your mind. Well, the answer lies within a deep connection between certain reasons for skin loosening and essential oils. Here, we’ve carefully chosen 4 essential oils to address particular factors contributing to skin loosening. For a comprehensive guide, you can go for the ultimate list of skin-tightening essential oils. But before we dive in, must remember that:

  • Topical application of essential oils requires dilution as undiluted EOs can harm your skin. The most effective carrier oils for dilution are olive oil, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil.
  • Be wise. Always go for completely natural and pure essential oils if you don’t want to be disappointed after spending both your time and money.

So, Here are Our 4 Mindful Choices for You

Lemon Essential Oil

As we grow older, our skin starts losing elastin and collagen, the supportive connective tissue which makes the skin look plump, firm, and youthful. Lemon essential oil is best known for its high levels of vitamin C content, a micronutrient that helps promote collagen production. As your skin loosens, it becomes more prone to wrinkles and fine lines, especially around the neck, mouth, and eyes. Looks so bad. Isn’t it? Here, Lemon essential oil can be the best choice ever and this is the only reason why most skin-care beauty products use Lemon essential oil. Moreover, this essential oil is also believed to penetrate deeper into the skin and helps make the skin look more fresh and clean. Remember that any citrus essential oil, especially Lemon should be applied before going to bed because these oils make the skin more sensitive to sun exposure and can cause skin irritation and skin burn.

Frankincense Essential Oil

Immoderate exposure to UV rays has a long-lasting impact on our skin, especially the face. But make Frankincense essential oil your companion and have a great time outdoors, put fears indoors. Yes, the oil may prove to be a power-packed skin tonic and can have so many rejuvenating benefits for your skin. Frankincense essential oil may help promote skin regeneration and help return damaged skin to its original glowing luster. Also, diluting Frankincense essential oil with coconut oil would be icing on the cake. Apply this mixture on your exposed areas while enjoying outdoors and forget about sun damage. You can make your favourite suntan lotion more effective by adding a few drops of Frankincense essential oil into it.

Lavender Essential Oil

This multi-purpose essential oil is best known for its relaxing and calming effects and its usefulness for skin health. You know, dry skin appears to be more loose and dull. Yes, Lavender essential oil can help lock and balance out moisture in the skin thus may help skin look more tightened. Plus, the oil may help reduce wrinkles and aging spots.

Another hint of the oil’s rejuvenating benefits – it may help eliminate stress levels which is one of the leading causes of premature aging and its consequences. Inhaling Lavender essential oil’s aroma during work or just before going to bed can be so beneficial for kicking off routine stress. The result? The more you’re stress-free and relaxed, the longer you’ll enjoy youthful glorious skin!

Rose Essential Oil

Many people use Rose essential oil for skin massage and that’s the only reason we’ve added this one to this list. Skipping skin massage from your daily skin-care routine can also lead to early skin aging and loosen skin. Massaging Rose essential oil twice a week helps minimize the signs of maturing skin and reduce wrinkles. The oil is one of the key components in skin hydrators and moisturizers available out there.


Desiring for tighter skin is perhaps on top among all the skincare hacks. And for most people, it’s achievable just because of the essential oils, a gift by nature for us. Opting for natural options for any of the skin-related issues can require patience but can bring about long-lasting wonderful effects. And essential oils are always ready to prove this statement.








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