How to Create a Garden Which Will Impress Your Guests


Have a neat and tidy lawn

The first thing your guests will notice when they take a look at your garden, is the lawn. A neat and tidy lawn will show your guests that you really do take interest in maintaining your garden. However, garden maintenance isn’t everyone’s favourite task to do and therefore many home owners do not cut and maintain their grass as much as they would like to.

However, there are other options that will give help to make your lawn look manicured without all the hassle. This is where fake grass by Grass Warehouse can be very helpful, as they offer a wide range of natural yet vibrant looking artificial grass, but even if the perfect manicured look isn’t quite what you are looking for, there are plenty of variations of artificial grass in which they offer that has imperfections specially added to it to make it look like genuine natural grass.


Add a swimming pool or hot tub

A swimming pool is definitely something your guests will remember. If you and your guests decide to use the swimming pool together, this itself will help to create happy fond memories. However, it is important to remember that swimming pools can be very expensive and they are also expensive to maintain when you consider all of the running costs that include heating in a cold British climate, pool cleansers, chlorine and PH level testers. This is why swimming pools aren’t for everyone, so if you still want to add a wow factor to your garden, but without having to spend extortionate amounts of money on a swimming pool, then a hot tub or jacuzzi is your best option. A positive of purchasing a jacuzzi instead of a swimming pool is, that most modern jacuzzis are actually inflatable, so they can be deflated and stored away during winter months, if it is not being used.


Make sure you have a social area your garden

Gardens are to be enjoyed, if you are aiming to use your garden to entertain guests and to host lots of parties, then why not create a designated social space for you and your guests to socialise in. A social space can be as simple as having a table and a few chairs, or you can go all out and have an outdoor bar or table tennis table for creating fun social activities. Canopies, verandas and shelters are also useful whilst outdoor entertaining, because they offer a dry and warmer space for you and your guests to socialise underneath.


Use plants and flowers

Plants and flowers give a home-like beauty to a garden. If you are looking to create a garden that is memorable for your guests, then plants are a great way to ensure your garden has this subtle appeal. However, it’s important to be aware of the types of plants that grow well on British soil and climate. Bluebells, daisies and roses are good examples of outdoor flowers that grow well in our wet and cold climate.







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