Spring 2021 Jeep Activities With Your New Lift Kit


If you just installed a new lift kit for Jeep Wrangler, you are probably excited to take it out for a spin. There are a lot of activities you can do with a lifted Jeep that may not be possible (or at least more challenging) with the stock suspension. These are a few activities you can plan for spring 2021 using your lifted Jeep.


Rock Crawling

Taking on some rocky trails can be a great way to use your new suspension. The goal of this type of off-roading is simple: take on big and challenging rocks. With the right build, Jeeps can handle surprising difficult rock formations, going up grades that appear almost impossible to climb.

The advantage of a lifted suspension is that you have extra clearance and can handle steeper approach and departure angles. When you are crawling over rocks, even an extra inch and a few degrees can make a huge difference. Of course, you don’t want your lift to be excessive because that would make the vehicle top-heavy. The right balance is important.


Overlanding Trip

If you aren’t ready to put your brand-new Rough Country suspension lift up against the rockiest trails, you may be more interested in overlanding. This is a type of driving that focuses on self-sufficiency and off-road travel. Basically, when you overland, you go where you want and camp using your vehicle.

There are lots of accessories for this such as trailers and roof tents. However, lift kits are very helpful. They can help you to take on more difficult terrains. When you are overlanding, you never want to find that your Jeep isn’t quite “off-road-ready” enough.


Adventure Driving

Adventure driving is similar in a lot of ways to overlanding. However, it is less focused on self-sufficiency and more on exploration. Typically, adventure driving combines some on-road and some off-road driving. So, you may want to be thoughtful about your build. While you could go for the biggest Teraflex Suspension lift possible, that may be uncomfortable on the road. Something more moderate may be a good idea. Like overlanding, adventure driving benefits from having some extra clearance.



Finally, you may consider going mudding, also sometimes called mud plugging. This is a special type of off-roading that focuses on very muddy off-road trails. In some cases, the trails are centered on mud pits that are deep enough to submerge much of the vehicle (requiring a snorkel for the air intake).

The benefit of a lift kit is likely obvious here. If the mud is very deep, you want to have a high vehicle that can make it all the way through. Just make sure to be careful about the depth. It is hard to get vehicles out of mud if they get stuck.


Get Started Today

Discover more about lift kits today. With a new one on your Jeep, you will be ready for all sorts of fun, outdoor activities. The above five are just a few of the ways you can use your lift kit. Don’t hesitate to enjoy some off-roading.








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