An Extra Helping Hand for Choosing A Portable Air Conditioning Unit



Buying a new product – particularly one you do not often buy such as a portable air conditioning unit – can be a slightly stressful experience. Not knowing what to look out for, what brands are good and which ones to avoid, and trying to get your head around new terminology is not a lot of fun. 

On top of that, trying to cut across marketing jargon and sales tactics can leave you feeling unprepared, and not best placed to find the optimal solution for your requirements. 

To help you with your purchasing decision, we have written a short article to demystify portable air conditioners and included some tips on what to look out for and what to avoid when you take the plunge. Doing your homework upfront and getting your choice right can lead to a lot less hassle, and considerable money saving. 

Things to bear in mind as you make your decision

For a portable air conditioner to work at its optimal level, it needs to be drained on a semi-regular basis. This can be done via a hose, or by deploying a condensation pump. Not doing so will limit your AC unit’s effectiveness and can impact its performance longer term.

Portable air conditioner brands

When thinking about the best portable air conditioner for your home, think first and foremost about the requirements for cooling your space. What square footage are you trying to cool? How high is the ceiling? Are the rooms regular shaped? How often will you be needing to move it around? 

These are all important questions. Another is what brand to choose. Buying the cheapest has its own risks, but even the pricier options should be checked out for their credentials. 

Carry out an online search to see what other users have to say about different brands of portable air conditioning unit. Look for key aspects you may need to lean on from the manufacturer such as warranty, post-sales support, and spare parts. Also look for reviews on things such as durability and longevity – from this you will be able to deduce the most cost effective and best value for money purchase for you. 

Do not forget energy efficiency!

One of the most important things to look out for when considering your portable air conditioner purchase is the energy rating. This is not only about being a good environmental citizen, but about savings for your own pocket. 

Cheaper models can often cost less at the cash register and for that reason seem like good value for money. But the cost of running them can quickly dwarf that saving. And warranty on lesser models is often left wanting, with either short durations or convoluted processes required to register the unit to even benefit from the cover. Also, take the time to find reliable companies that offer heating and air conditioning installation and repair services, such as The risk of not knowing what is needed and buying the wrong devices, wires, and other materials is just a waste of time and money. 

The pros of a portable air conditioning unit

If your home or office is uncomfortable due to hot weather, you have made a sensible choice in opting for a portable air conditioner. You can cool all kinds of spaces without the hassle and expense of fully integrated systems. 









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