Five Reading Corner Essentials for Every Home

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We all lead such hectic lives, it’s not always easy to find the time to relax and unwind. And instead of reaching for our smartphones and digital devices, wouldn’t it be better if we could pick up a book, settle down for an afternoon and lose ourselves within its pages instead?

But it’s not just us that should be picking up the latest bestseller. Encouraging our little ones to read as a form of entertainment, as well as to help them unwind, is great for their development, academic prospects, promoting stronger analytical thinking and it even sparks their imagination. Dedicating an area of your home to reading and relaxation will encourage everyone in the family to read a little more.

Whether you dedicate a corner of the living room, their bedroom, or transform an empty area in your home into a reading nook. Read on for 5 reading corner essentials for every home.


The right lighting

To make the most of those colourful pages and to never miss a detail, your reading corner needs sufficient lighting. Switching from your existing halogen bulbs to cost-effective and attractive LED options like these E27 bulbs from UltraLEDs means you can fill your reading nook with bright, decorative bulbs that will illuminate every page, even on those rainy, Sunday afternoons. And with dimmable options, you can create the perfect reading atmosphere, whether you’re indulging in a kid classic with your little ones or revelling in the latest thriller long after they’ve gone to bed. Updating your lighting options with LED solutions is a must.


The right setting

As mentioned above, you don’t need to dedicate an entire room to reading – although a nice idea, very few of us have the space! Whether you choose a corner of your child’s bedroom, part of the living room or a vacant space under the stairs, it’s important to choose an area that can be easily converted and an area that is quiet and away from the main traffic of your busy home.


The right seating

If you and your child want to become lost within those pages for hours at a time, then comfort is key. Whether you opt for a nice squishy chair, a plump beanbag, large floor cushions and throws, make sure you create an area that has comfort in mind.


The right book storage

Books piled high by your chair are only going to get knocked over, books placed high on a bedroom shelf, will probably go untouched and forgotten about, which means that the right storage for your reading material is essential. If you’re building a reading corner with your child in mind, then consider outward-facing shelves that put the books on display, that way your little one will be enticed by the covers and be confident enough to reach for one independently.


And finally – the right books!

There are no right or wrong answers here. Filling your chosen storage with interesting titles, modern classics, colourful board books and young adult novels is the best part! Start developing your own reading corner, today!







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