Raining Days: 5 Must-Have Accessories for your Child

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Children need fresh air, perhaps more so than us. Their bones are still developing and need that vital Vitamin D that comes from the sunshine. Even the dull British weather is imperative to their growth. They need to get at least an hour of fresh air daily. This, however, poses the question of how do you protect them from the elements? 

Invest in some good wellies for your kids. Clarks have a fantastic range in all manner of colours guaranteed to brighten up the dullest of days. Use a Clarks discount code to make massive savings on colourful wellies like their Pink polka dot or Blue with white stars trim. 

These boots are not just adorable but are also practical and designed to protect your young ones feet leaving them free to jump in puddles without fear. Their waterproof upper is designed to last and withstand even the most prolific of puddle jumpers. Their rubber sole creates a great grip so they can run around with less chance of slipping. An easy to pull on toggle and moulded kick trim at the back make them simple to slip on and off, no hassle!

Raincoats are an essential part of British life but sometimes you need a little more coverage. The LIVACASA All in Ones for both boys and girls in breathable waterproof material will keep them dry from head to toe. They come in a variety of colours so you can sparkle from head to toe. The material is made of the highest quality polyester fibres, is skin friendly, there is no smell and is soft on their delicate skin. The reflective stripes will keep them safe as they play even when the light starts to fade. 

Check out the Disney Child Nemo Knit Peruvian hat and glove set from Amazon. Children are prone to ear, nose and throat infections more so than adults. That is why these ear flaps are fantastic. They will keep their little ears warm, protecting them all while in the shape of one of their favourite Disney characters. 

Bucket Hats are back in fashion and the perfect protection for kids. H&M has a variety of colours available. Unlike other hats they protect their entire head alongside their face and neck. They also don’t come down over their eyes meaning that your child can see where they are going which is important for safety. The big brim will also stop rain flowing into your child’s face. Being so wide they are also easy to slip on and off.

Another accessory making a comeback are leg warmers. These colourful socks of a sort are not only absolutely adorable to look at on children but will keep them toasty and cosy. A pair of knitted wool leg warmers will be perfect for the cold weather. They work over tights or trousers and look great pulled up or slouched down. 

Save the Children offer some great cold weather tips for keeping the little ones warm when the temperatures drop. Kids love to run around even when it’s cold and get too hot and want to take off their jacket. Dressing them in layers can help with this. You can maybe compromise by removing one layer but they will still be warm. A handy tip is to dress babies in one more layer than an adult would wear. 

Remember to give them plenty to drink and keep them hydrated as children lose more water through their breath. Give them lots of water but also hot drinks and soup to keep them warm and get liquids into them. Keep safe and warm this winter.







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