Decluttering Before the Baby Arrives – Don’t Forget These Crucial Steps


There’s nothing more exciting than the arrival of your newborn and you’ve probably spent the last few months planning, organising and getting everything ready for their grand entrance. Your hospital bag is packed, you know your birth plan inside out and you’ve already got a few names in mind, but before you reach your due date, you might want to consider decluttering your home.

Many parents-to-be take some time before the baby’s arrival to declutter and deep clean their home, ensuring that baby is safe and happy in a clean and chaos-free world. Not only will your baby benefit from this fresh environment, but as a stressed and overtired new parent, the last thing you want to worry about is the mess in the hallway and the junk mounting in the living room. 

Here we’ll explore the importance of decluttering before the baby arrives with some crucial steps you shouldn’t forget.


Get rid of unloved items

We’re all guilty of hanging onto items we don’t really need, use or want. Especially old, broken jewellery. Clinging onto old gold earrings, necklaces and other gold items only brings stress, dust and tension into your home and getting rid of them is the simplest and most effective solution. 

Selling your old gold is incredibly easy and you’ll not only reduce the junk in your home, but you’ll also get a good price for your scrap gold items. Don’t worry about finding a place to sell your gold, lois-bullion will always give you the latest price and they get you your money on the very same day – giving you more cash to spoil the baby (or yourself) with. Click the link to find out more.


Cleaning product check

Before you begin your deep cleaning process, make sure the cleaning products you’re using are pregnancy and baby safe. Some chemicals can be incredibly toxic in large quantities and the last thing you want is to make yourself ill or harm your newborn in any way. Always look for cleaning products that are made with natural ingredients or ask someone else to do the cleaning for you.



Dust is everywhere and it quickly mounts up! Going through each room and giving it a thorough dusting will help keep the air clear and fresh. Using microfibre cloths and damp cloths to remove cobwebs will make this job easier. Don’t forget to vacuum afterwards and throw open the windows to let some fresh air in.


Consider steam cleaning

For those hard tile floors and grimy countertops, consider steam cleaning instead of a traditional mop. These clever devices get rid of more germs and bacteria than traditional cleaning methods and you won’t have to lug around a heavy bucket of dirty water!


All those areas we forget!

We’re all a little guilty of forgetting some of the grimiest places in our homes, and it’s these areas that often harbour the most bacteria. Don’t forget to wipe down and disinfect door handles and knobs, light switches and pulls, your TV remote, skirting boards, your household bin and your houseplants! 


Final thoughts…

Doing these jobs now will put you and your baby in a safer, cleaner, and happier environment. However, don’t overexert yourself, ask someone to help you!








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