How to Get Children Outside While Social Distancing


Handling the high energy levels of little kids during a period of quarantine and social distancing can be difficult for parents to manage. While it’s imperative that you keep your kids safe, it’s also tough to deny that kids need to spend some quality time outdoors to breathe in the fresh air, possibly go whale watching San Diego and simply enjoy playing in nature. If this has been a struggle for your family recently, it’s important to know that you can still get your children outside safely and enjoying themselves while social distancing and taking other essential safety precautions. Check out some of the fun ideas your little ones are sure to be thrilled about.

Take Them on a Nature-Focused Boat Tour

Should you live near the water, have a visit planned to a coastal area or have kids who are curious about the ocean, consider taking San Diego boat tours with them. They can indulge all the questions they have that you might not have been sure how to answer, like how to identify whales and what kinds of sea animals live in the ocean. Additionally, the whole family can enjoy the beautiful views that can certainly serve as a much-needed source of stress relief.

Enjoy Your Neighborhood’s Resources Safely

Even if you live far from the ocean or don’t want to take a boat tour at the moment, there are still other outdoorsy options to enjoy right in your neighborhood. If there are local parks that are open, for example, you can take the kids by for a little while each day so they can run around and get some energy out. Other hometown ideas to try out encompass:

  • Biking through local nature trails
  • Spending a day by the lake
  • Going for a quiet walk down your street
  • Driving to local nature landmarks on the weekend
  • Jumping rope in the cul-de-sac

Set Up an Escape Right in Your Own Backyard

If local regulations don’t allow you to go out or if you aren’t able to leave home at the moment for any reason, consider simply setting up an escape for the kids right in your own backyard. Those lucky enough to have some spacious lawn behind the house can set up twinkle lights, pillows and blankets, a s’mores stand and more for the kids to have fun outside without needing to go too far. If your kids enjoy sportier activities, your retreat for them could be as simple as providing a soccer ball and some chips and punch.

As all parents have experienced time and time again, there’s no holding back a little kid full of endless energy. However, some times require social distancing and other important safety measures to ensure that both you and your children stay healthy and out of harm’s way. These measures don’t necessarily mean, however, that your kids can’t still get out and play in nature. By trying out these fun ideas, you can help your children get some much-needed fresh air while still safely enjoying their childhood freedom to play and explore.







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