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For years, Paris has been touted as the Culinary Capital of the World. This is the city that transformed cooking into an art form. Le Cordon Bleu, possibly the most prestigious Culinary Arts institute in history, is right in the heart of Paris. Heck, many of the words associated with cooking (like sauté) come from the French language. Pasta, pizza, gourmet pickles – you name it, the chefs of Paris can make it. But gourmet meals aren’t the only items on the menu.

Paris also is the home of some amazing burger joints. We’re not just talking about big-name restaurants like McDonald’s. We’re talking about a wide variety of creative and inspiring establishments. Just picture it now; dozens upon dozens of restaurants that serve everything from Angus Beef burgers to Elk Meat sliders!

There are actually so many great burger joints in “The City of Lights” that it can be overwhelming. But have no fear, we’ve narrowed down the top 5 burger joints in Paris. Some of these restaurants are next to famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. Case in point, we’ll be doing a lot of traveling today. Before we get going, you should store your extra luggage in a safe place. 


Big Fernand

The first burger joint on our list is Big Fernand, an establishment that offers burger lovers “a second romance.” This joint is extremely popular with native Parisians and has been for a long time. The story goes that Big Fernand started out as a small burger stand on a street that was famous for its food. Then, they mastered 5 recipes (Bartholomé, Big Fernand,  Lucien, Paulette andVictor), and the rest is history.

Big Fernand holds itself to 9 tenets: their bread will always be hot, their meat always comes from France, their fries are made inhouse, their sauces are artisanal, their cheese comes from French farms, their service will always be fast, an independent laboratory will always grade them, guests are always welcome to give feedback, and patrons are guaranteed to smile.  

That was quite a mouthful, right? Well, Big Fernand’s burgers are a mouthful as well. This joint has style, character, class, and some of the best burgers in Paris. Stop by Big Fernand’s website to see their full menu.



What’s the secret to making a great tasting burger? Is it the way that it’s seasoned? Does it all boil down to the bun? Ask one hundred people what they think and you’ll get one hundred different answers. Bioburger believes that the secret is using 100% organic ingredients in their burgers, fries, and drinks. This is by far the most eco-friendly burger joint in Paris. Some of their most popular items include: 

  • “The Mexican” burger with brioche buns, beef steak, guacamole, and marinated peppers.
  • “The Cheesemaker” burger with beef steak, gouda cheese, and onion confit.
  • French fries, coleslaw, and breaded chicken bites.
  • A variety of tasty organic veggie burgers.

Just one bite is all you need to taste the difference between a Bioburger and the rest. Check out their website to view their entire menu. 


Burger & Fries

Life has a funny way of answering our questions sometimes. A person could spend hours searching for the best burger joints in Paris, sifting through numerous places with exotic names. Or, they could just go to Burger & Fries. This establishment serves fresh burgers, crisp french fries, and savory milkshakes. As their name implies, Burger & Fries takes a very minimalist approach to fast food.

This joint’s menu isn’t bogged down with miscellaneous items like tacos or burritos. They really just serve hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and double cheeseburgers here. Okay, okay, they do offer a fried chicken burger, a veggie burger, a grilled cheese sandwich, and chicken tenders here, but fans seem to love these newer additions to the menu. Think about it like this, “Burger & Fries, Plus Chicken Tenders, and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Honestly, we love Burger & Fries for its simplicity and its fantastic food. Stop by their website to see their full menu and to place an online order. 


The Blend 

Whoever said that you can’t have a burger for breakfast has never been to the Blend before. This burger joint offers a slew of creative burgers, including a Breakfast Burger that’s out of this world. The Blend also has an old school aesthetic to go along with its old school menu. It’s a lot of fun just chilling inside this restaurant after you’ve eaten your burger.

Besides the Breakfast Burger, the Blend offers a great selection of other burgers that include: 

  • “The Superhamb”, with Blend sauce, a caramelized bacon bun, and cheddar maple syrup.
  • “The West”, with toasted upturned buns, smoked cheddar, beef steak, and fondant cheddar.
  • “The Signature”, with Savio PDO beef steak, garlic mayonnaise baby spinach, and stewed caramelized onions.

As you can see, the Blend’s biggest draw is its innovative menu. You can travel all around Paris and never find a burger joint quite like the Blend. Visit their website to check out their full menu.


Le Ruisseau

All of the burger joints that we’ve shown you have something special and unique to offer. However, Le Ruisseau is considered to be the absolute best burger joint in Paris by most citizens. The sheer variety of burgers served at Le Ruisseau is staggering. They include:

  • Veggie Burgers 
  • Spicy BBQ Cheddar Burgers
  • Goat Burgers
  • Chicken Burgers
  • Fish Burgers

The list just goes on and on at Le Ruisseau. This burger joint offers gourmet burgers for a fair price. They also serve succulent salads and delicious desserts to sweeten the deal. We can see why so many people love Le Ruisseau. Of course, we don’t just want you to see their delicious food – we want you to taste it. Stop by Le Ruisseua’s website to see their full menu and place online orders.









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