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A fresh cup of tea can be one of the most satisfying things ever. Whether it is a chilly winter day, early morning or a late-night still at work, it has proven to be of comfort and simply heavenly. It is what we drink when having a good chat at social gatherings involving cakes and other snacks. While it is one of the most used beverages, the question of allowing one’s kids to take tea has become a topic of controversy. If you let your kid drink tea, here are ten things you ought to remember.


There are different types of Tea

It is highly likely that you have come across different types of tea, black and green tea being the most common types. These two kinds contain caffeine which is a stimulant. Another tea type that does not contain caffeine is the Herbal tea created from seeds, leaves and roots of herbs. These herbs, like fennel, chamomile, and ginger are considered as the best tea for kids due to their various health benefits.


No Age is Recommended

As much as any online tea and coffee shop will tell you that some tea is good for your child, it good to know that there is no official recommended age for a child to start taking tea. What is important is to make sure that the caffeine limit, is controlled and consumption is relatively low.


Too Much Tea is Harmful

As much as the drink is sweet and highly enjoyed by young ones, it can bring some dangers to the growth process of a child. Tea makes it hard for the body to absorb iron because it has polyphenols that bind with iron. Furthermore, tea is known to be associated with decreased potassium levels in the body. These are important minerals needed at the early ages of development, and their absence can greatly affect the growth of a child. It is important to give your child as little tea as you can.


Serve it Warm and Mild

Preparing tea for an adult and a child is very different. It is important to serve your child tea which is a lot weaker and cooler than the tea you would prepare for yourself. It is advisable to steep a child’s tea for about just three minutes and ensure it is not strong. You could also opt to use a loose leaf tea over tea bags from the shop or store. A child is prone to spilling his or her tea on themselves, making hot tea a bad idea.


Tea causes Hyperactivity

When considering to serve your kid tea, you must remember that it contains caffeine which can cause hyperactiveness. These should help you take caution of the time you are letting your kid take tea. The evenings and hours before normal nap times are highly not recommended as hyper activeness could cause lack of sleep that could make your night and the baby’s sleep very restless. Also, remember to lock up doors cabinets and put away things that could cause harm to a jovial child. Be ready for some exercise as you would probably see increased activity.


It Causes Urination

It is vital to be prepared for frequent toilet visits and changing of napkins if you let your kid have the sweet cup because, just like any other drink, tea increases the amount of urine the body is going to excrete. It is advisable to avoid tea before sleeping times.


Tea contains Sugars

Tea contains sugars that are associated with overweight issues, diabetes and tooth decay. It is critical to check labels to find out the amount of sugar in a teabag. You should also be always prepared with a toothbrush and toothpaste for a mouth clean immediately after your kid takes tea. Immediate tooth brushing will aid reduce the risk of your child teeth decaying.


Tea can Cause Allergies

People, children included, could be allergic to some herbs found in tea. These herbs could cause swelling of the face and even difficulty breathing. If you have any suspicion be sure to, immediately contact your doctor or pediatrician to know the right tea for kids.


Can lead to Poor Diet Preferences

The more the caffeine and added sugar a child takes, the more he or she is likely to prefer sweet foods. This pattern can be dangerous to a child as it could lead to conditions such as diabetes.


Use Open Cups

Though messy, using an open cup when your child is a year old can be very helpful for your kid to learn how to sip. Cups without valves let tea flow freely, while bottles require a child to suck, and this causes the tea to be in contact with the child’s teeth more causing tooth cavities.

Research is ongoing on how healthy tea is for young ones. Meanwhile, small intakes of herbal tea, overall keeping of the consumption on the minimum, monitoring your child’s reactions to tea, and consulting your health officer is the best way to go is you decide your kid can have tea.

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