Beauty Hacks for Busy Mums: Minimum Effort for Maximum Effect

beauty hacks for busy mums

Keeping on top of your usual beauty maintenance after becoming a mum is practically impossible unless you have Kim Kardashian’s glam squad. Having time to style your hair, apply makeup, and choose the perfect outfit is a luxury most busy mums can’t justify. However, you don’t necessarily need to completely throw your routine out of the window. You can even become a beautician from home to have some extra income while still being able to look after your kids.

Here are some tips on how to squeeze some grooming habits into your busy schedule by making the process as easy and quick as possible. 

Shaving your legs

Nobody likes shaving their legs, but it doesn’t take long for a thick layer of hair to build up if you neglect this body admin. Shaving with a blunt razor can make this job twice as long if it takes multiple strokes to remove the hairs. To make it less of a hassle, invest in a quality and long-lasting  safety razor that will achieve a close shave quickly.

Exfoliate your legs first so that it’s even easier to pick up the hairs on your legs. Bend your knees to get to hard-to-reach areas around this joint and save time by leaving the hair on your upper legs. If you run out of shaving cream, don’t dry shave your legs as this could cause an irritating rash. Instead, use your hair conditioner or buy a two-in-one shower and shaving gel.

If your left with any shaving cuts, apply lip balm to create a barrier and keep the blood in. However, before using, scrape off any part of the lip balm that has touched your lips. 

Coconut oil

Finding a product that does the job of two is perfect for those with a busy schedule as it limits the steps in your routine. One of the most popular multi-purpose beauty products may be sitting in your kitchen cupboard. Coconut oil has many health benefits including moisturising dry skin and protecting hair against damage. Combine it with ground coffee to turn it into a body scrub.

You can even use coconut oil as a makeup remover. This method involves smearing the coconut oil onto dry skin and rinsing it off with warm water once the makeup has melted away. 

Makeup hacks

When you only have ten minutes spare to apply makeup, it doesn’t seem worth bothering. However, there a few simple ways to make you look put-together in seconds. Such as:

Applying a bold lipstick will give the impression that you’ve put a lot of effort into your appearance, even if you don’t have any other makeup on.

A BB cream, which stands for ‘beauty balm’, reduces the steps in your beauty routine as it combines skincare with makeup. BB creams can act as a primer, provide a light to medium coverage, has hydrating benefits and sometimes include SPF.

If you want to give your face a dewy glow but don’t have the time to find the best products, use baby oil as a highlighter.

Low-maintenance hair

Although you probably don’t have time spare to curl your hair and attend lengthy hairdressing appointments, you can still conduct regular maintenance of your locks with some easy steps.

Washing your hair can be labour-intensive depending on your hair type and length, but you can save time by training your hair to last longer without being washed. You’ll have to leave your hair unwashed for a couple of weeks to achieve this but afterwards you could be able to minimise washes to once or twice a week, without it going greasy.

However, if you don’t want to leave your hair unwashed for two weeks, use dry shampoo or baby power to hide any oiliness. Apply it before you go to bed to allow enough time for the product to absorb the excess grease and in the morning massage your roots for clean-looking voluminous hair.  

To achieve knot-free flowing waves in the morning with minimal effort, put your hair in French plaits before you go to bed.

Finding small ways to care for your appearance can boost your confidence and mood. Using these time-saving methods will allow you to maintain regular grooming and beauty habits so you can continue to look your best. 








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