How To Store Your Rooftop Tent in the Winter


Rooftop tents are becoming a very popular way to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you’re taking long road trips or camping at a local park for the weekend, these compact, easy-to-handle and affordable tents make it a breeze to hit the road in your truck, Jeep or SUV. At the end of the camping season, however, it’s time to pack it up. Find out how to properly store your rooftop tent, BAK tonneau covers and other summertime gear this winter.


Prepare Your Tent for Long-Term Storage

First, be sure you aren’t putting away a damp or damaged tent. These durable tents are designed to handle a wide range of camping situations and weather conditions, but it’s worth inspecting your tent for signs of holes, dirt or moisture. Clean up your tent and make sure it’s fully dry before you pack it away for the winter. This will help prevent mold and mildew issues.


Clear a Spot in Your Garage

Because of the concerns with long-term moisture exposure, it’s not a good idea to leave your rooftop tent on your vehicle. rooftop tents for trucks may be secured conveniently out of your way, but all that snow buildup can cause water damage to your tent. Find a spot in your garage, basement or storage unit to place your tent. There are three basic ways to store a rooftop tent:

  • On a ceiling storage rack
  • Flat on the ground
  • Leaning against a wall

A ceiling rack is the most complicated storage option, but when properly installed it can be a great space-saving technique. Use pulleys, webbing and other secure items to create a hanging spot for your rooftop tent. Be sure it’s firmly secured before stepping away or standing under it. This solution comes with the risk of a falling rooftop tent if you haven’t stored it properly, so do your research and find a rack, shelf or webbing that can support your tent.

Storing your tent directly on the ground is an option if you have enough space. Simply place your tent on a few boards or other spacers to keep it off the ground. Consider storing it in a bag designed for queen-sized mattresses to avoid any animal or bug issues.

Finally, some rooftop tent owners simply lean it against the wall and call it a day. Consider storing it in a protective bag and on top of supports to keep it off the ground or garage floor. The most important feature of any storage option is that your rooftop tent is sheltered from the rain, snow and other elements. As long as your tent is dry and out of your way, you should enjoy a safe and damage-free winter.


Enjoy Years of Adventures With Your Rooftop Tent

Prepare your rooftop tent for a cozy winter inside your storage area. There’s nothing worse than mold, mildew and insect damage on a rooftop tent in the spring, so use these steps to prepare your tent, BAK truck bed covers and other items. Shop for a tent today to prepare for a camping season full of memories and unforgettable adventures.









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