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A well-fitted helmet is an essential accessory for any biker. Many states require motorcycle helmets for anyone riding. Even where helmets aren’t mandatory, wearing one makes for a much safer ride.

When you’re in the market for a new motorcycle helmet, it’s important to understand helmet safety ratings to ensure you’re buying something that will keep you protected. Follow this guide to learn the basics of motorcycle helmet safety. Be sure to rely on a reputable seller of parts like motorcycle seats and accessories like helmets to find the best selection.

What Makes a Helmet DOT Approved?

Motorcycle helmets are rated by several different standards. Each rating system means something different, and they all have different tests or safety standards the helmet has to pass to receive approval.

DOT approval is the common standard in the United States. While the standards are set by the federal Department of Transportation, the DOT doesn’t do the certification on helmets directly. Instead, manufacturers are responsible for testing their helmets and making sure they meet a specific set of results for impact, crash severity and the equipment used during the test.

The DOT approval guidelines cover a wide range of testing factors. Companies perform a variety of tests to pass standards for negating impact during a crash, field vision and penetration resistance. All the tests are designed to ensure the helmet keeps you safe in the event of an accident. When you’re purchasing a new helmet from a quality dealer of Harley Davidson parts, look for the DOT certification sticker at the back of the helmet to make sure it meets safety standards.

Safest Motorcycle Gear in 2020

Motorcycle accessory manufacturers are constantly improving the safety and durability of their products. Here are some of the trends in motorcycle gear safety for 2020:

  • Full Face Helmets: Of the many types of motorcycle helmets, a full face option gives the best coverage. Look for a helmet with full chin coverage to avoid injuries to the jaw during a collision. Helmets offer varying levels of visibility, vents and comfort, with some of the newer models coming in lighter weights. 
  • Sturdy Gloves: A quality pair of gloves protects your hands and wrists if you fall off your bike. The newest gloves offer extra protection around your knuckles and wrists, where you’d be most likely to catch yourself in a fall. A smoother, reinforced surface on the knuckles and palms allows you to slide on the pavement, preventing injuries to your wrists.
  • Reinforced Jackets: The latest motorcycle jackets have padded inserts around potential impact areas, including your back, shoulders and elbows. Look for a textile or leather jacket that comes with those safety features. 


Having the right gear is important for anyone riding a motorcycle. From padded jackets to durable gloves to a helmet with DOT certification, there are many items to add to your gear list for a safe ride. Find the best selection of DOT-approved motorcycle helmets and other accessories at a trusted online retailer of motorcycle equipment. Once you’re geared up, you’ll be ready to enjoy many hours on the road.








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