Feeding Your Newborn: A Complete Guide

As we all know, feeding is necessary for babies after they’re born because that’s baby’s only food in the first few months. There are two kinds of feeding for a newborn baby; breastfeeding and formula feeding.

Between Breastfeeding Vs. Formula Feeding

Breast Feeding

Breast milk is incredibly beneficial for a baby’s overall health and wellbeing. It has all those components in it which are necessary for baby’s growth and can be digested easily. More specifically breast milk contains protein, lactose, and fat, which can be easily consumed by the baby’s digestive system. 

Breast milk helps to protect the baby from many diseases, including diarrhea and respiratory infections. According to a baby sleep consultant in Sydney, babies who are breastfed also have reduced chances of getting affected by diabetes, asthma, and other allergies.

However, breastfeeding can be a demanding process, and a mother needs to breastfeed her baby every 2 to 3 hours in the first few weeks following on birth. It can be more difficult for working mothers because they might become separated from their babies during certain hours of a day. A potential solution to this problem is that a mother can use a breast pump to “express” breast milk into a bottle so that the baby can be bottle-fed the breastmilk when mother is not around.

There might be a few other scenarios which might cause a mother to not be able to breastfeed her baby. One example is that some mothers struggle with the volume of milk they can produce – this means the baby will not be able to get enough milk they need from the breast. Another example is that there is an infection of the milk ducts called “mastitis” which can cause flu like symptoms in the mother and make feeding more difficult in general

Formula feeding

Different conventional milk formula products available in the market these days are used for formula feeding. Formula feeding digests more slowly than regular breast milk so the baby will stay fuller for longer and not appear to be as hungry. It can be easier to feed the baby with it because a mother doesn’t necessarily have to be around, and even the father of a baby or sibling can perform this job.

Formula feeding however is expensive, and milk needs to be prepared in a hygienic bottle for feeding the baby. Once placed in a bottle it is usually stored in a refrigerator, and it should be consumed within 24 hours. Additionally caution should be used when heating formula milk in a microwave because the uneven temperature can burn the baby’s mouth.

Importance of breastfeeding for newborn babies

No doubt, breast milk has all the natural components in it, which are necessary for a baby’s growth. Formula feeding is not always reliable because not all companies don’t properly take care of hygiene, and the probability of human error is still there. Experts worldwide recommend breast milk as it makes the immune system of a baby stronger. 

Some babies, particularly those who are born premature may lack the skills to suck and swallow milk and as such parents may need to consult a doctor if the baby has feeding issues. A Lactation consultant is also someone to consider calling upon as they are specialists in helping your baby to breastfeed properly. Don’t be too proud to seek help; it does not come easily for all mothers, and babies also need to learn how to feed. Give yourself the time to enjoy this special process together that is beneficial for everyone.







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