How to Choose an Elementary School for Your Child


As a parent, one of your key responsibilities is to give your child a good education. Here’s how to choose an elementary school for your child.

When they’re just starting out your child looks so small walking into school. The giant backpack makes them look even tinier as they’re beginning their educational journey.

As a parent, you want to make the transition smooth for them. Every child has a few challenges, but if you can select the right school, they shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Yet how do you know which school is right? If you’re wondering how to choose an elementary school for your child, keep reading. This article provides all the steps to help you make the best choice.

Talk to the Staff

Think of your favorite teacher from elementary school. You probably still remember their name and exactly why they were your favorite.

Teachers make a huge difference in the lives of their students. Wherever you send your child for their education could be the place they meet the teacher that changes their life. Choosing an elementary school should start first with an opportunity to talk with the teachers who could be working with your child every day.

Teachers help determine the general atmosphere of a school, too. Just like company culture makes a huge difference in whether you like your job, your children will notice if the culture of the school isn’t welcoming. Interview other students’ families as well as teachers to find out if the school will be a good fit. It isn’t very easy to digest such a situation, but some cases are quite complex for children to handle. As parents, people should focus on holistic approaches to education, which is all you need to know about Montessori schooling: one of the most balanced and advanced alternatives out there.

Set a Budget

There is a range of schools to fit any budget, from public education to charter schools and elite academies. If you choose a private school, it can get expensive.

Some government aid may be available, and scholarships could also be an option. Ask about a multi-child discount if you’re planning to send more than one child to the same school. Explore every avenue before you decide if something is too expensive.

Pick a school for your child that fits your family’s budget. If there ever comes a time when you can’t pay tuition, you don’t want your child’s friends to learn about it and embarrass your child. It can also worry them that their education is a burden for your parents; best to avoid the stress.

How to Choose an Elementary School for Your Child with Special Needs

Your child’s school should accommodate any special needs that they have. Whether they need some mild occupational therapy or an aide throughout the day, your child’s needs are most important. Choose a school that can offer the help your child needs to thrive.

While parents always make the best decision they can, sometimes they aren’t able to see the whole picture. If you’ve found that the school you picked isn’t providing the right help for your child, you can see more about how to find the appropriate services and supports.

Behavior Modification

Part of knowing how to find a good school is assuming your child will get into trouble. While it may not happen, understanding a school’s typical disciplinary action steps is important.

Find out what the school’s philosophy is toward punishment or consequences for acting out. Read what their handbook says about it and ask teachers about their experiences dealing with misbehavior.

Some private schools have a reputation for being more lenient than others, and consequently they’re known for being “where the bad kids go.” Decide what’s important to your family and what matches your parenting style the best before you commit to sending your child to a specific institution.

Examine Physical Needs

Every school has a different PE program, as well as athletics and extracurricular activities. Many don’t have all the sports. If your child has their heart set on a specific sport, make sure you can get them into another program if your school doesn’t have it.

Choosing a school based on your child’s physical needs is important. Some kids like movement more than others, and many really need to move in order to be able to concentrate on learning.

Some schools allow exercise bands stretched between a desk’s front legs for kids to bounce their legs on. Some allow kids to sit on exercise balls. Some have recess even in upper grades.

Find a school that’s open to changes or nonstandard movement options for their students. Flexibility is important as you navigate your child’s unique learning hurdles.

Scout Out the Location

When you have to choose an elementary school, it’s important that it be in the right location. Your child needs transport to school, whether that’s living within the busing zone or close enough to walk. It could also mean you or your spouse driving your child to school.

Wherever the school is, you should also consider the neighborhood it’s located in. While you may live in a decent part of town, if the school is closer to a more run-down neighborhood, it could pose a risk for your child. It could also indicate the kind of friends your child might make at school.

If you’re moving to a new location and trying to determine if a school is in a good neighborhood, often local social media groups can be good resources. You can also talk to the local police department to find out where the most instances of crime happen, then use a map to determine the school’s proximity.

The Best Education

Now that you know how to choose an elementary school for your child, you’ll be much more prepared. From the staff, the budget, and the location, to the physical needs and special accommodations, you need to consider every angle before you decide.

You may be starting a child in kindergarten, or you may have moved to a new area. Regardless of the reason, the above key aspects will help you choose the right school to serve your child’s educational needs.

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