6 Reasons to be Pro Life

The pro-life and pro-choice debate has been going on for several years. There are valid reasons given by those supporting either side. Most arguments are based on religion. Religion alone cannot make women stop having abortions. There is need to provide reasons without touching religion. This post will give reasons without considering the religious aspect. 


  • Life starts at conception


The moment a sperm and egg meet and form the zygote, a new life is created. A zygote is the first human cell that is created. The cell grows and develops until it becomes a child. There is human DNA and within a month, you can detect the heartbeat via ultrasound. This means that having an abortion even during the first stages of pregnancy is equivalent to taking the life of a person.


  • The zygote is not part of the woman’s body


The fetus is not part of the woman’s body. From the moment of conception, the zygote functions differently. It only needs the mother to provide a conducive environment for its growth. The fetus is joined to the mother through the umbilical cord where oxygen and nutrients pass through. However, the child is not part of the woman’s body. 

During an abortion, the fetus feels pain if they were past 20 weeks. How would you feel if your limbs were torn away from your body? That is how the fetus feels when an abortion is conducted. The pain is excruciating. If you cannot stand feeling that kind of pain, you are better off carrying the baby to term.


  • The fetus is an independent person


A fetus is a person and science has proved it. When the fetus is 22 days old, the heart starts circulating blood and the heartbeat can be felt through an ultrasound. When the child is six weeks, the eyes, nose, mouth and tongue are already formed. This shows that the fetus is an independent person separate from the mother. The heartbeat is unique and separate from the mother’s heartbeat. At times, the blood group of the child is different from the mother. Having an abortion can be seen as murder based on this reasoning. 


  • Medicine treats the fetus as a human


The fetus is treated as a human. They can undergo separate treatment and there is fetal surgery where the child can be operated on before birth. Medicine has evolved and there are different treatment options available for fetuses to make their lives better and increase their chances of being carried full-term. 


  • There are other options available 


There is a huge demand for babies all over the world and the supply does not meet it. Millions of couples are looking for children to adopt. Instead of having an abortion, it is better to carry the baby to term and put them up for adoption. That way, those who want to adopt children can do so and the children can have a chance at living happy lives. 


  • It affects the woman’s health


There is scientific evidence that having an abortion increases the risk factor of women getting breast cancer. In the first months of pregnancy, the breast grows to prepare for breastfeeding. Having an abortion interrupts the process and immature breast cells are left that increases the risk of breast cancer. 

It also affects the woman’s psychological health. Women who abort have a higher chance of getting depressed and committing suicide. 


The exception

While the above reasons are against abortion, there are exceptions. These exceptions include:

  • If the life of the mother is in danger. There are times the life of the mother is in danger and the only way to save her life is by terminating the pregnancy. By carrying the pregnancy to term, the mother and child might lose their lives. The lesser evil in this case is saving the mother and getting rid of the child. That way, the mother can get other children. 

Those who are pro-life view abortion as murder. Many people even keep anonymity of their abortion as a fear or getting negative comments from the society. The fetus is a living human being and they have a right to life. Anyone who chooses to commit an abortion is violating the child’s right to live. Before going for an abortion, you need to consider other options like giving the child up for adoption. That way, you will save the child’s life and give him or her the chance to live in a good home.








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