Money Saving Tips During Lockdown


Due to the lockdown occasioned by Covid-19, many people have lost jobs, and others have experienced salary cuts. It’s difficult to survive if you can’t manage your meagre resources well. However, if you can arm yourself with information on how to save and spend, you may walk through this pandemic with minimal worry. Stay tuned to discover¬†great ways to save money at Lottoland.

Have a weekly plan

Having a plan helps you to figure out the essentials that you require and how much they can cost you. The program should capture the foods that you need, the toiletries, and other vital commodities.

When you plan before purchasing items, you avoid impulse buying that wastes a lot of resources. Spending money without planning means that you may soon run out of it.

In case you’re married, it’s critical to consult your spouse when planning on what to buy. You also need to utilize wisely the items that you’ve purchased so that they last long.

Use a coin jar

Most people tend to think that coins are of less value and should be used to buy unnecessary items like sweets. However, during the pandemic, remember to save coins in a sealed jar. You may realize that you’ve accumulated large coins at the end of a specific period that can enable you to shop for some time.

Reduce your budget on junks

Junk foods have minimal nutritional value. They’re expensive and may waste a lot of your money. It’s critical to avoid them and use the amount to buy other essential foods. Although many people like junk meals because they are ready, they’re expensive and may waste lots of money. Because you’re in the house during the lockdown, it’s critical to prepare your meals.

Preserve your food

There are multiple techniques that you can apply to preserve your food. If you’re not aware, it’s critical to search through the internet and get informed. Some of the approaches are inexpensive and require minimal amounts of money. For example, to prolong the life of tomatoes put them together with lemons.

Search for discounts and great deals

Now that you’re locked at home, you’ve got a lot of time to search for great deals and discounts online when you want to buy things. Before you purchase anything, it’s essential to do some thorough research to find out the stores that sell products at discounted rates. Some stores also offer exclusive deals that can see you save a lot of money.

Consolidation of loans

During this pandemic, many banks are responding by reducing their interest rates. In case you’ve more than two loans, it’s advisable to consolidate them as one credit. This strategy will see you save massive amounts in the long run.

Save on utilities

Because you’ll be at home most of the time, try to make use of natural daylight to save on electricity. In case you have a home office, open the shutters to let in the light. It would help if you also ate before dusk to save on power that you utilize while cooking at night.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, many people find themselves financially constrained most of the time. This is because many are not changing their spending habits to respond to hard times. However, you can easily navigate through the pandemic by adopting the above saving tips.







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