How to Keep Your Sleeping Baby Safe and Comfortable



Everybody loves cuddling and playing with their cute baby while it is awake and lively. But sooner or later, it falls asleep and you have to leave it alone to rest. Fortunately, there are comfy cots, furniture, and accessories that can make your life easier when your baby is awake or sleeping.


Nursery furniture

Spruce up your home with the highest quality of nursery furniture. Start by buying comfy mini sofas on which you can sit with your baby. They come with several pillows that you can toss around as you encourage the baby to exercise. Alternatively, you could go with the reclining nursing armchair that helps you relax as you feed the baby. And when you want to carry it around the house, you can use the mini baby wrap, which comes in a range of colours.

Later on, you can feed and bathe it in muslin square, which prevents spillages from messing up your house. After bathing, you can wrap the baby in a groovy knitted blanket that is gentle on the baby’s soft skin and allows it to relax and fall asleep.

Babies use plenty of clothes and accessories so you could do with a storage box, open shelves, or a chest of drawers to keep the clothes neat and warm. The good thing with all these accessories is that they come in different sizes while the furniture is both funky and functional such that you can use it from birth to weaning.


Beautiful design

When the baby falls asleep you can place on a comfy baby cot bed. Mokee stocks beautiful design of mid cots of various sizes from small ones for newborns to large ones for preschoolers. The designs are stylish and enclose the baby in a safe and comfy space where you can leave it to play while you complete other tasks. The good thing with the large baby cot beds is that they can start as cots for toddlers and end up as a bed for weaned children. Some come with drawers where you can store essential clothes and other accessories.


Moses baskets

You can add flair to your house by buying chic Moses baskets that double up as décor to complement your interiors. They have elegant designs ranging from woolnests to wickers and soft seagrass. Each basket has a sturdy structure and can be elevated with a stand. The star of this collection is the princely Wicker Moses. It features a knitted bamboo baby basket with a retractable hood resting on a sleek wooden frame.


CCTV installation

You can also install CCTV cameras that allow you to monitor the baby from a distance while you work. Many parents now appreciate the value a CCTV installation in their house can add to the overall experience of baby care. The cameras not only increase the security of your home but also enhance baby surveillance while you are away from home or working outside. They come with a central monitoring station from where you can check activities in different parts of the compound.


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