The Ultimate Stress-Free Flight with Your Kids

Flying as an adult requires a lot of endurance and patience. The cranky passengers, long lines and surly agents can make you regret your vacation decisions. Adding a kid in the whole story, becomes more of a mess rather than a thrilling experience. Some kids can cause too much drama and trouble when flying like say when maybe the plane is taking off or landing.

Children will also be impatient with the long queues at the security check; they will easily get tired and sleep off among many other issues you need to solve when travelling with a kid. However, research has it that children will usually pick emotions from adults. If you look angry and stressed out, you are sure the child will also look stressed, and if you act rationally, the kid will also remain calm.

There is no single proven procedure to ensure your kids remain calm during their first flight. With every trip they take and the constraints occurring, you have a better chance to make it not happen in the next flight. Here are some remarkable tips that you may consider to have a stress-free flight with your family.

Before You Fly

Book Seats that are together

The best way to ensure you secure seats that are next to each other is by doing it yourself even though some airlines will assist you at the gate. In case you purchase tickets that are not together, you could call the airline to see how you can be assisted.

It is lucrative to pay an extra seat for your kid if your financial status allows. Not all toddlers will do well on the lap, and so a seat would be crucial to give you the comfort you deserve. You do not want to be holding the baby for more than 10 hours as that can be quite exhausting.

Do some practice before leaving

Take a closer look at the flight procedures and normalize the entire experience before departing. Practice out everything that happens at the airport with the family so that everyone is familiar with what they should expect at the airport. That includes even the security check part and the part where you have to ensure your seatbelt is locked correctly.

Familiarizing your kids with what they should expect makes them feel at ease, and in control; therefore, they will not be deterred or stressed during the actual travel day.

Ask Questions

Social media has come to make things even more comfortable. You can now access your airline very fast and efficiently. In case you have something you are to carry with you during the trip, and you are not sure whether the airline would accept it, take a photo and send it to them for verification.

At the airport

Walk around

While on the plane, it is clear that everyone will be still with no movement for several hours. You can, therefore, burn off energy at the airport before taking off. Look for areas at the terminals where your kids can climb or bounce off their fears – play areas.

The board last or first

Majority of the airlines usually offer opportunities to families with kids for boarding before other general passengers, but the decision to take up that chance solely depends on you. If you are travelling alone and need to manage your kid alone, then boarding first would make sense so that you can pick the best position where you will be comfortable.

However, if there are several adults with you, you can let them, board first and load the bags while you make the kid spend more time enjoying the airport fun facilities.

Limit the layover

Airports are not the best places to spend a lot of time in. Even the most fantastic airports become boring at some point if you have frequently been using the port. Limit the time in between the connection flights if it is possible. It is suggested that the ideal layovers should be less than three hours. In case you find your delay is more than eight hours probably you could consider booking a hotel room because of the kids.

You do not have to worry about where you will park your vehicle in case you came with it to the airport. Most of these huge airports will have a parking garage such as Fort Lauderdale airport parking. The garage complex at this airport is convenient for most travellers and very secure. You are sure to find your vehicle at the exact place you left it and in good shape.

Parkos Company provides both onsite parking and offsite parking for travellers who are going to be gone for an extended period. FLL airport parking is categorically the best parking option if you are to use this airport. Consider Parkos and you will find your vehicle secured for all the while that you will be gone.

During the Flight

Make friends

Inside the plane, you could be friends with the people around you. Smile to the flight attendants and even strike a conversation. Tell them whether it’s your child’s first time to fly. Probably your kid could be gifted with a surprise gift for they are a new traveller. Flight attendants are very crucial and could be helpful during the entire journey, and you need to treat them with care.

Bring on some form of entertainment

You cannot imagine how boring 15-hour flight could be without any entertainment. Ensure you switch on the screen and let your kid enjoy their favorite channels. You could also consider some headphones that fit his little ears and adjust the volume accordingly to protect their ears.

Carry your entertainment

Some parents like carrying markers, stickers and pens for their kids, meaning they will have a good time exercising their skills onboard. They could make and model different things to keep them going and pass the time. This could also be good family time as you share a lot during such activities.

Naptime on board

If you want the kids to fall asleep during the flight, consider doing the things they usually do before going to bed. They could change into their pyjama, bring on their favorite blanket and even carry their stuffed animal to make the scene more familiar to their bedroom.

Wait for takeoff signal

At times air pressure can be overwhelming for the kid; parents will always look for something to countermeasure the effect to the child. They will offer a bottle, pacifier or breast. However, the aeroplane could stay for long before taking off, and thereby you find you have used up all the milk before being air bound. So the best thing is to wait for the pilot to announce that you are ready to take off.







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