Why Wooden Flooring is Better than Carpets


There have been a lot of changes around the globe in terms of what people have as their flooring.  It used to be standard practice in the UK that most people had carpets on their living room floors, however, times have changed and there is a much greater demand for wooden flooring.  This does not have to be isolated to the living room areas as we see many people now going for wooden floors in hallways, bathrooms and bedrooms. People look nowadays to get cheap engineered wood flooring from many outlets and there are engineered wood flooring companies that offer all sorts of different wooden flooring to meet peoples requirements.  There are a lot of advantages of having a wooden floor over a carpet and these include some of these below.



If you purchase a good quality wooden floor, then you this will last for decades.  Even the cheapest of wooden floors, if maintained correctly, will not require to be changed or renewed anytime soon.  Regarding carpets, it is quite the opposite. Carpets need to be changed on a regular basis depending on the wear and tear on them.  If you get more than 5 years out of a carpet, you have been very lucky.



Keeping a floor clean and tidy is easy to do.  Most vacuum cleaners nowadays have the facility to increase and decrease the suction depending on the surface that they are on.  Flooring can easily be hoovered but also shined up with the floor shining machines. These are not expensive to purchase, and they are extremely easy to use.  In terms of carpets, sometimes you will find that if you vacuum them, there will be parts of the carpet that get caught in this and therefore ruin the look. In addition to this, if there is a spillage on a carpet it is sometimes not easy to clean, and you may require getting specific carpet cleaner onto the spillage.  This can sometimes leave a stain.  


Home Value

There has been research to suggest that the value of someone’s home will increase if they have wooden floors.  This indicates that people are now more against having carpets and are favouring flooring options. Estate agents have indicated that a home with a wooden floor compared to one with carpets, will sell twice as quickly.



If there has been a bit of damage created to the wooden floor, usually this is not something a bit of sandpaper or sealing cannot fix.  Otherwise, you could replace that specific part of the flooring. If this was a carpet, you are unable to replace small parts and the whole thing would have to be uplifted.



People have different tastes and some people may prefer carpets in their home versus wood.  Going by the above points though, we have demonstrated that wooden floors are far more appealing to people nowadays, they are easier to maintain and have a much longer lifespan.  








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