5 Things To Do With Your Family Photos



It so happens that all your family is in one place and are having a great time when someone says, 

Let’s take a family picture!

Everyone enthusiastically assembles to pose right in the limited frame of a camera, and you capture a fantastic moment with just one click on a gadget. 

But what worries me is how we completely forget to commemorate these memories and let them sit in our phone galleries and albums for years.

I know it is impossible to commemorate every photograph, but how about commemorating the special ones?

Like the time when someone graduated, or the Christmas party when everyone was in the pic, or the one snapped at Christmas?

It will be easy for you to pick the special photos but the tricky part is what to do with these photos?

Hence we have come with a blog about 5 things to do with your family pictures.


Create A DIY Photo-Book

How about a DIY Photobook?

Since it is going to be in the family, why don’t you combine all the photos and create a DIY photobook!

You can customize the book to suit your style and preferences; you might have to get artistic though.

A DIY photobook will need the following items:

  1. Blank index cards
  2. Wallet size photos or any other of your choice
  3. Ribbon, twine or other binding material


  1. Paste photos to right half of index cards
  2. Write your story on the left half of the cards.
  3. Hole punch stack of index cards about 1/2 inch from the bottom and top of the left-side edge and thread ribbon or twine through holes and tie to fasten.

You can find hundreds of fancy ways on the internet to make a DIY photo book or you can also order one online!


Get An Oil Painting!

If you have a family photo that you have been treasuring for a long time then its time to memorialize it with a Handmade Family Painting from photo!

Just imagine an oil painting hanging in your living room exhibiting a happy memory from the past, everyone would love to wake up to such a beautiful art piece.

You can either get the photo painted from a local artist or use an online service like PortraitFlip to create an order for a family portrait.

An online service like PortraitFlip offers you 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Free Worldwide Shipping, and Customization Options like – Framing, Merging Multiple Characters, Background Replacement, Adding Special Message on The Painting, etc.

Once the painting is delivered at your doorstep and you hook it up the wall, it will act as a focal point and a major conversation starter for all your guest gatherings and other events.


Get A Figurine or a bobbleheads


A figurine is by far the best keepsake. It is personalized and acts as a great décor item anywhere in the house.

While ordering a figurine, make sure that you provide a clear picture so that the vendor can create a good quality figurine.

Generally, figurines are on the higher side as compared to a painting or a photobook.


Decorate A Cake


Is any special occasion coming up?

If yes, then order a custom cake with your family’s photo on top of it.

A lot of bakeries and cake shops are providing the option to imprint a photo on the cake nowadays; you can easily find one or order online.

Not only will this put the photos to good use, but also will be a unique way of celebrating an event!


Order Custom Stuff!

You can get a lot of custom stuff with photos nowadays, but the same old smartphone cover and coffee mugs are not in trend. You need something which can genuinely be used and doesn’t look too bold or deliberate

  • Order A Custom Jigsaw Puzzle


Yes! How about you order a jigsaw puzzle with one of your family photos?

It would be a great game to play for all the kids who come to your place and would act as a perfect entertainer for the younger ones!

You can find a vendor on Etsy.

  • Order A Custom Rubik’s Cube


A custom Rubik’s cube from a family photo is also a good way to use up your family photos.

You can find a vendor on Etsy or on this website

That’s it folks!

We hope you loved our article on How To Use Your family Photos and will share it with your friends and family.









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