How to Select the Perfect Mykonos Villa for your Next Holidays: 4 Must-Consider Factors


When it comes to lux vacations in the hottest spot of the Mediterranean, Mykonos is on top of every traveller’s list. Rightfully so. It is a vibrant party mecca with millions of courtiers that come to take a bow before the Queen of the Cyclades every summer. Besides a vivid night scene, though, Mykonos is also a charming Greek island with bewildering natural beauty, whitewashed houses, narrow, cobbled streets, bougainvillea-filled balconies, and alluring traditional Cycladic architecture. In fact, despite its cosmopolitan nature, it has something to please all tastes and requirements, whether seeking intense or more relaxed and laid-back experiences. 

Among the most important things that can affect the quality of your Mykonos holidays is your accommodation. Therefore, choosing the right option is critical. The good news is that with so many luxury villas and elegant mansions and condos perched across the island, you will be spoilt for choice. To make every penny of your vacation budget count, we give you a guide to help you pick your dream Mykonos villa, based on 4 key factors. 


Location, location, location

Want to wake up to heart-stopping views of the Aegean Sea? Be close to all the action? Have proximity to the most popular attractions? Have tourist facilities, such as elegant restaurants, tavernas, designer shops, bars, and clubs within an arm’s reach? Like the idea of being amidst partying crowds and loud music that lifts spirits from dark to dawn? Do you want to be close to public transportation options? 

Answer the question “Why am I visiting Mykonos?” honestly, after considering the number one thing you want to take back home from your Mykonos holidays and things will begin to clear up inside you. 

Even if you primarily fancy the idea of spending time by the beach, you have to narrow that idea down a bit. Do you want to visit organised shores? More secluded? Nudist or gay-friendly? More ideal for families? Best for water sports? Depending on your personal preferences, you will find a luxurious villa ready to cater to your needs in the best possible way.  


The Views

Are you okay with cityscapes and partial views of the Mykonos coastline as long as you are right in the heart of all the action? Or, you prefer to welcome each day with heart-stopping sunrise views while sharing romantic moments with your partner with arresting sunset panoramas from the privacy of your villa? Whatever you decide, it is essential that you know how you wish to please your eyes (and soul). Located on elite locations across Mykonos are exclusive mansions overlooking the glistering Aegean Sea, the bright Mediterranean sky, the alluring Mykonos coastline, isolated coves, private beaches, or the bustling Mykonos capital. You take your pick! 


The Size

You really don’t want a villa that is either too small for all of you to feel relaxed and comfortable or so big that you lose one another in it. Therefore, choose your preferred mansion based on the number of people that will be staying under the same roof or sharing the same land (i.e., in case of large groups of friends or a couple of friendly couples holidaymaking together or more than one family spending joint vacations). Ensuring not only your personal space but also your privacy is key to unforgettable holidays irrespective of where you are. For that reason, check that the property you are eyeing provides ample space for each one to enjoy. Features like private balconies and terraces, guest houses with separate entrances, and lots of dining, living, and lounging areas are definitely added points to consider. 


What is included in the price (services and amenities)

Whether you are used to a VIP lifestyle or simply wish to get a kick out of your Mykonos visit with the ones you love the most, it is paramount to be provided with the services necessary to ensure unforgettable, comfortable, and enjoyable holidays. So, take note of the amenities the available mansions offer. These could range from private pools, fully equipped indoor gyms, wine cellars, and stylish ensuite bedrooms to built-in BBQs, private theatres, Jacuzzis, private terraces overlooking stupefying seascapes, and spacious living and dining quarters. 

Now, if your dream Mykonos vacations include things like personal babysitters, housekeeping staff, personal chefs, VIP reservations, private cruise tours, a chauffeur to drive you around, or private helicopter rides, you may opt for an agency offering concierge services. 

For more cost-effective holidays, you may, of course, pick more basic accommodation options that provide all the Cycladic charm and fit your bills just fine. There is plenty to choose from for sure! 










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