Top 3 Prams that are Perfect for Travelling


The exciting time has arrived, you’re expecting your perfect bundle of joy any day now and you’re on the lookout for a perfect pram to carry them around and travel when you need to. It’s a difficult job to filter out the bad prams from the good ones, especially when there is so many to choose from. Plus, if you’re someone who travels a lot or who needs a pram ideal for travelling, this can make your search even more difficult. Rather than struggling through hundreds of options and scrolling for days, below is a list of some picks from both experience and customer reviews. 

Finding a pram within your price range and of good quality isn’t an easy job and it can be stressful especially when you’re growing a little one inside of you too! Take some advice, there are so many amazing prams out there and finding the right one won’t only take 10 minutes. You’ve got to be thorough in your research and search for the newest accessory for your baby!

Below is the top pram picks along with the pros and cons of them, plus the main selling points for each one and what people really love about them. These top picks aren’t in a specific order as they all have their unique and interesting points.


Ickle Bubba Discovery Max Stroller

Price: £159.99

Weight: 7KG

Perfect for everyday adventures with your newborn, this stroller is suitable from birth up to 4 years old! The compact stroller offers a lightweight and fashionable design (as you can get it in khaki and rose gold!) but it also has advanced features that will make your life as a parent a lot easier. The pram includes a seat liner, cup holder and rain cover to ensure everyday use is as easy and care-free as possible. Ickle Bubba has this style of stroller in many different colours so you can match this pram to any aspect of your life. If you know your baby is going to be a fashionista or style icon, this is the best way to start them off in life. The ultimate baby accessory with a beautiful and practical design. 


  • Hood viewing window to view your baby from above
  • Folding compact technology making it easy for storage and transportation (especially for travelling)
  • Fully adjustable straps with height positions for comfort and support


  • Larger than average
  • Only suitable up to 4 years old


Egg Quantum Grey Stroller

Price: £849

Weight: 9.7KG

Featuring a two-way reclining seat, the curved design is fully adjustable and is suitable from 6 months until the baby reaches 25kg or more. Incorporating 3 reclining positions and a reversible seat to either be parent or front facing, this is a revolutionary stroller. Egg prams are practical anyway but this Quantum stroller package takes their brand to a new level. The package includes a rain cover, fleece seat liner, luxury changing bag and an insect net (which is ideal if you’re travelling to a country which has a lot of biting insects!). 


  • Luxurious design
  • Adjustable leg rest which supports your child’s feet as they grow
  • Insect net for travelling abroad


  • Slightly heavier than other designs
  • More expensive price (but amazing quality!)


  • Babyzen YoYo+ Pushchair

Price: £389

Weight: 6.2KG

Mixing fashion with functionality and safety, this perfectly designed stroller is the ultimate baby accessory. It’s ideal for any type of everyday activity, plus it’s great for public transport as it can fold down into a lightweight and compact design that can be carried with ease. Easily convert this newborn parent-facing stroller into an everyday toddler pushchair with just a few clicks. The frame is simple and easy to use and is recommended for those who do a lot of travelling. One of the main reasons this pushchair is favoured is because of its lightweight frame that can be transported via bus, train or plane without any issues. Essentially, it’s an all rounded great stroller with a lot of functionality and beauty. 


  • Super lightweight
  • Beautiful design
  • Removable wheels 


  • More expensive than other models
  • Limited availability of colours

Hopefully this quick guide to the best rated prams for travelling will help you on your venture to finding the best pram for your new baby. It’s difficult choosing a pram when you know you will have to use it for so long but if you’re confident in your choices then you will love the pram forever. Keep in mind that sales will mean the price of your pram will go down so if you can purchase it during these sale times in the year you’re more likely to get a better price.









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