Tips That Will Help You Prepare for Roof Replacement


Does your home needs roof replacement? Well, getting new roofing is always exciting to experience. Changing the roof of the house can turn your house into a work zone. You may have to stay out of your house until the work is complete. Because roof replacement poses unexpected hazards. First of all; you need to hire a trusted roofing company like Cherry and Clark Roofing. They are the no.1 choice for roofing and repair in Toronto, Oakville, GTA, and Mississauga. They take every major safety precaution during the work. In this article, we are going to share some tips that will help you prepare for roof replacement.

Kids and Pets

The work zone is not safe for your kids and pets. The noises from your home can disturb your sleep habits. The work in your home will look exciting to your kids. You need to explain to your kids that certain areas are not safe until the work is complete. Kids normally do not understand the dangers. So, It is always better to move your kids to your family until the roof is replaced.


If the roof replacement is happening on your parking space? Then it is better to move your vehicle to another location. Moreover, the roofing company needs to access their truck and tools. So, keep your vehicle away from the working zone.

Remove Wall Decorations

There are lots of vibrations of the machinery and hammers. These vibrations travel through the walls of the home. So, search all the rooms of your home and remove any item that is hanging from the walls or ceiling. Also, remove the decorative lights and candles.

Cover All the Belonging in the Attic

You also need to make sure that all of your belongings in the attic are covered. While replacing the roof, the installers need to walk on your roof. The dust can fall in attic spaces during the work. So, put some old sheets on your items.

Move Your Furniture and Grills

Everyone has outside items like furniture, grills, patio, potted plants and lawn ornaments in their home. You should move them inside the garage or a shed until the new roof is installed. If you do not have space in the garage, then you can keep them at a safe distance from the work zone. Most of the contractors do not bother to move your items.

Cut Trees Before

If the branches of trees are near your roof, then you should cut them before work is started. Moreover, remove the grass before the construction begins.

Access to Power Outlets

While working, the contractor needs access to power outlets. You need to make sure that it has easy access to the electrical outlets. If your house does not have an outlet in a garage or house. Then the contractor needs to use extension cords. These extension cords are not safe, as they can pose tripping hazards.

Remove Satellite Dishes

The satellite dish is always located on the roof of the house. You need to remove them a day before the construction begins. You can do it yourself, or you can call your cable provider to make arrangements.








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