Is Decking the Right Choice for a Family Garden?


While there are numerous design options available for those looking to spruce up their outside space, the tried and tested route of outdoor decking is a popular choice for many throughout the UK and around the world.

However, for those with young children, elderly relatives or a large family in general, an outdoor upgrade to a garden deck can often beg the question: is decking the right choice for a family garden? 

We think so! However, not all decking materials are made equal and certain varieties of garden decking are considerably better than others, in terms of both practical performance and aesthetic appearance.

To help you separate the good, the bad and the ugly, let’s explore the world of garden decking and find out which deck is right for you and your family garden.


High-Tech Deck

There are many kinds of decking materials available for those looking to add a deck to their outdoor living space, ranging from authentic wood to synthetic plastic.

However, there are glaring drawbacks to both of these options, with neither one providing the blend of durability and aesthetic performance you would want from a long-term garden fixture that’s fit for family use.

Luckily, the 21st century has benefited greatly from the introduction of composite decking – the perfect hybrid of aesthetic authenticity and practical technology that looks good, lasts and performs on all fronts.


The Perfect Blend

A modern marriage of natural wood and synthetic materials, composite decking provides practical durability with long-lasting design for an end-product that’s truly a winning combination.

Loosely translated, that means that composite decking offers the best of both worlds: providing the look of a wood material with the durability of a plastic product.

The result is a durable deck that is specifically designed to stand the test of time, while also providing a stunning finish that mimics the real thing down to the grain.


Built to Last

Thanks to its man-made construction, composite decking is inherently resistant to a myriad of outdoor demands, including fading and abrasion.

Meanwhile, it’s also built for traction with an impressive grip that’s resistant to slip hazards – a critical safety feature for all families.

What’s more, composite decking is specifically designed to stand the test of time and retain its youthful looks and useful perks year after year.

As such, it’s a one-off investment that’s made to last a generation without losing its appeal or taking a dip in performance, providing a further financial benefit to its long list of perks.


Cap It Off

When it comes to choosing the best decking for a family garden, the capped form of composite decking is undoubtedly king of the hill and top of the food chain.

The premier product in the composite decking market, capped composite decking is superior to all other decking products in virtually every way, from appearance to performance and everything in between.

In addition to being extremely durable and both fade and abrasion resistant, capped composite decking also comes encased in a protective polymer sleeve, notably enhancing its durable qualities considerably.


Give Hazards the Slip

Due to the polymer covering, capped composite decking has an extremely low absorption rate and is virtually impermeable to moisture, making it as slip-proof as decking can get.

Boasting an unrivalled level of moisture-resistance, capped composite retains its grip even in wet and icy conditions, making it one of the safest surfaces for your family garden.

As a result, slip hazards are largely a non-issue, allowing you and your family to use your decking footloose and fancy-free without the worry of re-enacting Blades of Glory.


Say “No Más” to Mess

In addition to its superior slip, fade and abrasion resistance, capped composite decking is also impressively stain-resistant too, allowing most spills to simply be wiped clean in an instant.

Anyone with young children will know that this feature is a godsend, while this it can also be particularly handy when it comes to family barbeques, get-togethers and outdoor dining.

Whether your little ones accidentally drop a burger or a tipsy uncle spills his glass of red, you won’t have to worry about the mess leaving a lasting impression on your deck in the aftermath.

So, for a fuss-free addition to your family garden, consider composite decking a strong contender. It has many attributes that make it more than capable of coping with the demands of family life!









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