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The larger the family is – the more fun it brings. All those get-togethers on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, family members’ birthdays. All those birthdays… So many of them! How do you keep track of so many important dates? Well, you could write them all out, then put this piece of paper on your fridge to later freak out whenever you miss the big day. Or you might set a reminder for every single one of them on your cell phone, then let people down when your phone malfunctions or you lose it somewhere. 

But why not create a reminder that: a) works (as in reminds you about a birthday), b) has other neat functions and c) is just truly pleasant to look at? Is this even possible? Well, yes! Everyone, meet a personalized birthday calendar – a calendar you design yourself and fill with all the data you want. All you need is some cute pictures, a whiff of inspiration, just a few minutes of your time, and an easy-to-use birthday calendar maker.  

This might sound complicated, but it’s really not. Let’s walk through the process together to create a personalized calendar that will keep you updated on whatever big day is coming next.

Step 1. Decide on the Best-Fitting Style

As you start Photo Calendar Maker – the software that will help you create a birthday calendar with photos – pick the calendar type. Go with either a wall calendar, or a desk calendar, or, alternatively, create a custom calendar from scratch. Browse through a variety of templates to find the perfect fit. Let’s stop at a spiral-bound calendar and choose a subtle-colored option. 

Step 2. Add Your Family Pictures

Once you’ve chosen the calendar type, decide on the pictures that you’ll decorate the calendar with. Since you are doing a highly personalized thing, go with your family pictures. Arrange the photos the way you want, either leaving a single shot on the page, or creating a photo collage. Crop and edit any flawed pictures if necessary. You can even customize the cover picture or the calendar background. 

Step 3. Have Fun Decorating Your Calendar

A bit of embellishment never hurts when you are creating something this personal. Add some effects to your photos to make the calendar even more lively. Decorate your pictures with masks or frames from a built-in library for a more stylish touch. Or go with clipart when you have a craving for something funny and cute. 

Step 4. Create Your Birthday List

The pictures are in place, so now it’s time to do what we came here for – mark all the big days. In the Customize Holidays submenu (the button on the side panel), create a holiday list of your own. Enter the dates and customize the font color or the cell background. Be sure to click Display Holiday Names to be able to see all the birthday highlighted in the grid, as well as the names of the B-day boys and girls.

Step 5. Personalize the Calendar to the Fullest

Nifty and cute, right? What more could you wish for? How about the calendar grid not only displaying the name and the date, but also a picture of the person? Yes, it can be done! All you have to do is to click on the month grid to open the Customize submenu. There, click on the birthday date, hit Load, then choose a picture of your family member. The picture will be added to the cell and all that’s left for you to do is to choose the way the picture will be aligned in the cell. And well, there you have it – no way you’ll ever forget about the big day!

Step 6. Print Your Creation

Now you have what looks to be a professionally designed family calendar (and only you know that you did it all by yourself). Now it’s time for it to be seen. You can either save it as a picture in JPEG, BMP, or PNG format, or print it straight away. Decide on the resolution and orientation, as well as the number of copies. Establish the margins and choose the certain pages you wish to be printed. 

Why is It So Cool Working with Photo Calendar Creator?

Now that you’ve learned how to make a birthday calendar, there is no way you’ll ever forget your family member’s birthday. With Photo Calendar Maker you’ll be able to create something both visually pleasant, and at the same time fundamentally informative, while keeping it all about your large family. So why hesitate? Make a birthday calendar of your own to always keep track of the big dates.   










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