How to Remove Unwanted Objects from Travel Photos in a Few Clicks

Ever had travel photos disrupted by an object that shouldn’t be there? You might sigh at how a great shot got ruined by something in the background. However, if you’re worried about how to remove objects from photos, you should be at ease. Through photo editing tools, you can do just about anything, including editing your travel photos into what you want.

While getting rid of undesired elements is quite simple, the software you use can make the process quite difficult. Some photo editing programs are incredibly complex to master and make the task too tiresome. If you’re looking for something easy and powerful to remove unwanted objects from photos, the tool you need to trust is PhotoWorks.

What is PhotoWorks?

PhotoWorks is a smart image editor that provides you with plenty of tools for fixing and decorating your pictures. The program has been specifically developed with the user in mind, with each aspect of the app based around strong performance coupled with simple methodologies. Hence, when it comes to erasing any objects from your shots, there’s nothing simpler and better than PhotoWorks.

Photo editing with PhotoWorks is not just simple, it’s also fun. The software engages users and makes them learn how to use it as they go through it. There’s nothing you can’t do with it, and there’s nothing that will feel like a chore to do or learn. PhotoWorks is made to be used repeatedly. For that, it offers ease of use and performance that far surpasses any competitor.

If you want to learn how to remove objects from photos using PhotoWorks, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Select the Healing Brush

Start off by selecting the Healing Brush from the sidebar. This tool offers embellishment wherever you apply it. It’s made to offer a fantastic smooth look that will help you improve the visual appeal and quality of your photos.

The healing tool helps even out textures and smooth any irregularities in a photo. Thus, its specification for use on smaller objects makes it the perfect choice for removing wires, dust spots, flares and other small elements positioned against a busy background.

Step 2: Erase Out the Unwanted Objects

Once you have selected the Healing Brush, you can use it to remove unwanted objects. If the objects are not very clear, you can use the zoom tool to have a better look at what you want to get rid of. Apply the healing tool with care since spreading it along your photo will erase surrounding objects too. Moreover, make sure you modify the opacity and feather settings to make sure that the edited area does not feel irregular with the surroundings.

Step 3: Compare with the Original

Once you’re done editing, you will want to see how your travel photo looks without distracting elements. Use the Before/After option to get a side by side look of the original and the updated version. Not only will this let you know that your photo is indeed better than before, but it will also point out if there’s some more editing required. Make sure to compare with the original after every edit to get the best possible result.

Step 4: Adjust the Clone Stamp Settings

Have a bigger area of your travel photo that you completely want to remove? If so, using the Healing Brush is going to take a lot of time. The solution to this problem is to use the Clone Stamp. This tool helps you replace entire areas of your photo with the preselected parts. To get the best results, you need to set the tool specifically for the object you need to remove. The settings like size, opacity and feathering will determine the changes made by the Clone Stamp to your photo, including the kind of edges left after object removal. 

Step 5: Use the Clone Stamp for Object Removal

Once you have set the Clone Stamp tool just how you want it, simply use the mouse pointer to paint over some undesired element. The program will analyze your selection and let you choose a ‘donor’ area to put over the modified section. It is a quick and efficient way of removing objects from photos like they have never been there. What makes the Clone Stamp even better is that it can be used along with the Healing Brush, making the editing process even easier for you.

With PhotoWorks, image editing becomes easier than it has ever been before. The program can help you not only remove unwanted objects from travel photos but also retouch your portrait shots with the intelligent Portrait Magic module, completely change a ruined background in three clicks and add more style to edited pictures with 180+ artistic effects.  










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