5 Amazing Places for Hiking and Biking



Hiking and biking is an excellent way of getting some outdoor activity. However, with the world fast becoming a concrete city, it is proving challenging to find perfect places where one can interact with nature. For outdoor lovers who want a bit of oomph factor, they would be glad to discover the gem that is Okeechobee for great Hiking Biking experience. Make you, hiking and biking are two outdoor that can do you good refarding your health and body fitness. Below are 5 amazing placed for hiking and biking at Lake Okeechobee. 


  • Chandler Slough West Florida Trail

Offering a surreal view from a distance, the chandler slough west Florida is the ultimate trail destination for hikers and bikers desiring a mountainous backdrop. Measuring only 4.3 miles, it avails busy persons a quick hiking experience. Framed by the Ribbon cypress, the flat Okeechobee gives the trail and adventurous vibe. When exploring this trail, be ready to fall in love with the beautiful oak hammocks and the marshes that provide the trail an overall peaceful and calming effect. 


  • Kissimmee Florida Trail

For a more countryside vibe, the Kissimmee Florida trail is the trail to choose. Located along the floodplains, it offers an unobstructed view of Lake Okeechobee with open prairies in plain view. As it’s a mix of shady woods, levees and river view, this trail is simply breathtaking. As a generally quiet long plain, it measures a distance of 111.3 miles. Kissimmee Florida trail is ideal for meditating hence the perfect place to distress after a long week. 


  • Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail

Lauded as one of the most paved cycling and walking lake routes, this trail is beautifully integrated with the natural environment hence blends with the surrounding. As a result, it’s a less strenuous and suitable trail even for beginners while maintaining its raw natural beauty. At this trail, you get the best view of Lake Okeechobee as the Harney Pond Canal Recreation Area offers you unrestricted view. Overall, it’s an excellent trail for laid back biking experience.


  • Dupuis to Corbett: Ocean to Lake Florida Trail 

For something unexpected and breathtaking the Dupuis to Corbett Trail is the hiking trail to choose. Located at the heart of Okeechobee trails, this reserve offers a wild trek experience. At 9.7 miles, it provides the most scenic trek in the list as it gives a panoramic and spectacular feel. As you are surrounded with water, this Florida trail connecting Corbett WMA to the Dupuis Reserve blends the blue sky and the blue waters for a calming meditative effect. As it’s something different, this trail enables you to experience something new and exciting. 


  • Hickory Hammock Trail

Tree lovers are in for a treat at the Hickory Hammock Trail. This hammock trail offers great overhead cover of the hickory trees giving off a cave feel vibe. The cabbage palm strands frame the trail well, protecting you from intense sunshine and giving in a cooling effect that is perfect for summers. The uniqueness of this trail is the addition of the beautiful campsite for you to unwind. As expected, it lives up to the hype of challenging yet less strenuous hiking trails near Lake Okeechobee. 



Overall, there are over numerous hiking trails surrounding lake Okeechobee that make Okeechobee great for hiking and biking. With the calming waters being at the heart of the trails, you get to experience the full extent of the gifts that South Central Florida offers. Point is you need to pick places which suits your biking and hiking desires.









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