Back to Basics: How to Add Country Charm to Your Home


Those looking to make their home warmer and more welcoming should consider adding some country charm to their house. The traditional cottage style is one which is a classic in the UK and a great way to make any house feel more “homey”. It can be hard to know how to best incorporate this style into the home and you will want to plan each aspect carefully to avoid overdoing it.


Colours & Patterns

One of the most important elements of the country style is the use of colour and patterns. Wall colours tend to be muted with watery blues and faded yellows which bring a natural feel to the house. Patterns are used on areas like the cushion covers and rugs as a way to add charm and cosiness.



Leading on from this, you will find a range of textiles in the country style which can add comfort as well as visual appeal. The use of natural materials like brickwork, wood and metal can work well but you should also look into using fabrics like flax, cotton etc.



The sofas and chairs will be the focal point in the living room and they will need to be as inviting and comfortable as possible. This should include plenty of cushions and throws while using the colours and fabrics mentioned above. 


Potted Plants

Potted plants around the home can bring nature into the house which is a key aspect of the country interior design style. Not only this, but potted plants will add visual appeal and plants are proven to have mental health benefits too so they are always a good addition to the home.


Adding Personality

The country charm is all about creating a warm and welcoming space. This means that you need to find ways to add personality to your house which will help you to feel relaxed and calm whenever you are at home. There are many ways that you could do this, such as adding a bookshelf filled with your favourite books, family photographs, candles and artwork.



Furniture should be both practical and stylish. Hallway furniture is an essential for the country interior design style as this will create a welcoming feel as soon as you enter, plus it can also help you to keep the home neat, tidy and clutter free (also important for this style). Hallway sets can help to manage the chaos that often happens here and will add a healthy dose of style to the home entrance.

These are the main ways to add some country charm to your home. This is a fantastic interior design style as it is classic and stylish but also incredibly warm and welcoming which will help you to relax and feel at home as soon as you enter the house.









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