Choosing a rug for a child’s bedroom



How hard can it be?

Everybody with children will know how easy they are to buy for! Just kidding! 

If your teenager or young adult is anything like mine then you’ll know negotiating Brexit is easier than buying something for their bedroom’s like a rug.


Bright and on-trend rugs

Rugs can be a great way of adding individual style and unique identity to any child’s room. It can sometimes be tedious to choose a rug which bridges the gap between child and adult, especially considering the rate at which teenagers and children change their tastes and interests.

We feel that these specially selected children’s rugs are the perfect items to add the little extra sparkle of style and colour to a bedroom without the cost of redecorating. They can also be easily replaced with the latest design when they grow up.


Children’s DJ Rug (Blue)

This hand-tufted, colourful piece is made from 100% poly-acrylic which is then hand-carved to add texture. With a pile height of 14mm, this rug is also thick and dense, making it perfect to lie on and run around on without worrying about it breaking up or being damaged.


Surfer Multi-colour rug

With the same weight and texture as the previous suggestion, this multi-coloured rug is another fantastic option for any thrill-seeking individual. With its simple design and bold colours, it may be used as a statement piece to add vibrancy to an otherwise neutral looking decor. Also available in two different size options depending on room size.


Young fashions – Harlequin Yellow Rug

When it comes to fashion children and teenagers like the latest trends, whether it’s the latest clothing or console. One thing is for sure, they don’t like drab! This funky, eye-catching rug is easy to clean and long lasting, making it a sure fire statement piece.


Make their hobbies the centre of attention

A teenagers bedroom must always revolve around them and making their interests a centrepiece is always a way of achieving that. Whether its sports trophies or memorabilia, these objects can really add a much-needed finishing touch and make a room more personal.


Bold wall features

The wall is the biggest area you can work with in a bedroom and adding colour and new patterns can transform a tired setting into an entirely new looking interior. Removable wall decals, wall rugs, custom urban graffiti or even their favourite words could all be utilised here.

Understand that most teenagers spend a lot of their time in their rooms and switching up the scenery could be appreciated massively. Wall decals of their favourite sports team players or simple art can also be easily removed or a new one placed over it when their tastes and influences change.






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