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Does your household tend to be a bit hectic in the morning when people are getting ready for the day ahead? Does limited space and mess mean that you aren’t as productive as you’d like to be of an evening? Here are some great ways to keep your house running like clockwork, not only preparing you for the day each morning but also welcoming you with open arms after that long shift.


Organise each room

A good way to start reorganising your home would be to think about how you want to use each room effectively. Designating a separate study and lounge or living area, for example, can help in increasing productivity within the home, as you aren’t conflating work/life balance or getting distracted. This can be particularly helpful for people that often work from home and need to concentrate.

Minimalist designs that are easy to clean and maintain are becoming ever-more popular amongst students and those living with restricted space in the city, and this might be something worth looking into. Smart and innovative techniques, similar to those used in Japan’s capsule hotels and minuscule apartments, are starting to trend worldwide. Property companies such as RW Invest use these tactics in their studio apartments, with space saving furniture that helps to maximise space for tenants. Why not try out some of these designs and see if they could help improve your home life?


Purge your clutter

Often find yourself tripping over your kid’s toys in the corridors or on the stairs? It might be time to say goodbye to some of their old favourites. Studies suggest that children only play with a tiny percentage of the toys they have each day and that children with fewer toys are often challenged to play more creatively. This could be an activity that you and your child both do together, and it will be a huge help in staying on top of clutter.

Selling on old bits and bobs is also a great way of making a bit of extra money, and built-in marketplaces on social media such as Facebook Marketplace make it easier than ever. Simply photograph your old electronics and appliances, and people can send you offers via direct message. Donating unwanted clothing to charity is also a rewarding way of getting rid of things you don’t wear anymore.


Enlist an assistant

Not many of us have the budget to afford a butler, but with the emergence of new technology such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, you can get the next best thing. These devices, activated via voice control on smart speakers or your mobile phone, can help with recipes, set alarms to wake you up in the morning, control other devices in your house (which subsequently can save electricity). They even recommend whether you should take an umbrella or wear a jacket, based on the weather. By setting reminders on these units and using them to your full advantage, centrally located in the home and for anyone to use, they can be a great help in cutting corners if you’re strapped for time.






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