5 Moving Day Hacks to Make Moving House Easier

moving house


Moving house is one of the most stressful experiences one can endure. It is the time you discover all the unopened boxes from your previous house move hidden away in the loft, and now you also have to battle your way through the additional once-must-have-but-not-used-more-than-twice-since-bought items you purchased over the years.

There’s the stuff you do want to keep, the things you don’t want to keep and the things you have to take. And you need to remember the kids and the pets too.

Like I said, stressful.

There are ways of making it easier on yourself and those around you though. Take a look through this list of moving day hacks that make moving easier.


Pack a ‘moving day box’

There are some items that need to be kept to hand when it comes to moving day. These are namely the kettle, mugs, tea bags and coffee supplies. Chocolate biscuits will help (moving day is not the day for dieting) and maybe a supply of fruit or handy snacks to keep energy levels up. Oh, and a spare loo roll… just in case.


Get quotes from several removal companies

Whether you are moving to a house in the next town or you are moving your business to a new location, ensure you get quotes from several removal companies a number of weeks ahead of time. You don’t need to know your moving date for certain as they will often fix a quote for you for a set amount of time. Do some research and opt for tried and trusted companies that have already established their reliability and quality of service whether you’re moving to an apartment locally or wanting your Calgary office moving.


Donate and Discard

Why waste time, money and effort packing and moving items you don’t use or don’t need? Now is the perfect time to donate the things you do not want, do not need or have not used, and to throw out anything that isn’t fit for donating. You could also opt for selling anything suitable online or at a local car boot sale and put the money into a treat fund for your new home.


Don’t label your boxes

‘But how will we know what is in them?’

Label the tape instead! This ensures that you will be able to reuse the boxes again without it being labelled ‘Grandad’s Denture Collection’ or the like.


Photograph your electrical set-ups before you disconnect them

Then knowing where each wire goes when you are setting up again at the other end will be a doddle!


Do you have any moving day hacks that help moving home or office easier? Do share them with us!








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