What is Fibre Optic Internet and Is It Worth It?


Fibre optic internet is all the rage right now, and if you’re already paying for an internet service, the chances are your provider has been in touch over the last few years to tell you all about it, as well as asking whether you want to pay extra to upgrade your service.

However, while so many of us already spend so much money on our internet and entertainment services, is investing in fibre optic broadband a worthwhile investment, or is it something you don’t really need?

If you’re new to fibre optic broadband, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re going to explore everything you need to know to understand everything there is to know, as well as helping you make the right decision for you.


What is Fibre Optic Internet?

Fibre optic broadband, which is more commonly referred to as ‘fibre optic,’ is a high-speed internet connection service that is renowned for being dramatically faster than traditional landline internet connections.

Traditionally, internet connections use copper wires to transfer internet data around your local area via pipes and cables underground. However, data transfer through this material is considered slow and inefficient, especially when you think about how many internet-enabled devices that are currently used in the average home.

Fibre optic, on the other hand, uses plastic or glass tubes in which the internet data is beamed along the tubes at high speeds, meaning the devices in your home can process much more data in much less time; ultimately providing you with a more exceptional experience.

Typically, fibre optic connections can reach speeds up to 20x faster than traditional internet connections, which just goes to show in itself why the services are becoming more and more popular every single year.


Is a Fibre Optic Connection a Worthwhile Investment?

To answer this question, you need to look into your own home and make your own decision because it’s really up to you. Take a look at the devices you’re using. If you have multiple computers, smartphones, tablets, games consoles, and internet-enabled televisions, this is considered a high-consumption internet household.

The more devices your house has connected to the internet at the same time, the more internet is being used. Let’s say 100% of your internet connection is 100mb per second. If you have ten devices, each device will have a connection of 10mb per second. However, with fibre optic connections, your speeds will be 20x faster, so each device will be 20x faster.

If you stream a lot of films, movies, or play a lot of high-definition video games online, these are speeds you’re going to have to have for everything to run smoothly and to a high quality.

Of course, fibre optic is a little bit more expensive than traditional internet, but it’s worthwhile looking around if there’s a deal to suit your budget, because the cost will depend on your geographical location. You can see more options at www.optimum.com.



As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to using a fibre optic internet connection, but the choice is really up to you. If your household is using a lot of internet enabled devices and the speeds are currently slow, or you simply want a better experience, then it’s highly recommended this is something you look into.









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