4 Kitchen Must-Haves for Large Families


For me, the hub of the home is the kitchen.

The kitchen is where we work, where the children learn, where we gather, where we relax and where we eat.

It’s the place where guests sit around the table and enjoy delicious food with a refreshing drink or two.

The kitchen is definitely the heart of the home.

Now that the children and I are looking at moving home at some not-so-far-point in the future, my priority is the kitchen. Here are five things my new kitchen must have for my big old family:


Size matters

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, my friends.

Size matters. 

Are we just talking about kitchens? I will leave your mind to take you where it will. In the meantime, focus on the kitchen.

A large family in a small kitchen won’t work. We already fall over each other, bump into one another and vye for space as it is. A tiny kitchen won’t do the trick for us.

Big is what we need.


A Place for Everything

A home to so many people means more stuff.

More cutlery.

More crockery.

More pans.

More glasses.

More everything.

When you have more everything, you need more space to store it all, so it is worth getting a kitchen specialist such as Stormer German Kitchens to ensure you make the most of every inch of space available to you.


A Range Cooker

I was lucky enough to have found myself a fabulous eBay bargain when I found my range cooker for little over £200. Sadly, it has seen better days.

Two of the hob plates don’t work, the oven can be temperamental and all the markings have rubbed off, meaning that switching on the correct part of the cooker is often a combination of guesswork and luck.

I do love to cook. Have you seen our recipes on the site, btw?

I digress. There is no way that I could return to a standard sized cooker. In fact, I have even invested in a buffer server to help when having an extra few guests over for dinner.

Anyone want to join us?

You’re welcome.

Just don’t forget to bring a bottle.


A Very Long Table…. Or Two

Our kitchen table is a bit of a beast. Known as ‘The Everything Table’, it is not only where we eat, but also where the kids learn, where I work from, and where hobbies and crafts are carried out.

Children hide under it with stolen sweets or contraband Kindles that were supposed to have been confiscated.

Children climb onto it and fall off, despite being warned that if they climb onto it they might fall off.

Children spill drinks on it. All. The. Time.

And despite managing to squeeze a dozen or so people around it, we still need to set up a second table too at times.

When I move, I’m going to need a very, very long table in a very, very big kitchen.


I told you size matters. 







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