Top 10 Apps to Survive College Years


The number of college students who feel like they got stuck under the piles of books for good is increasing significantly every single day. Being as busy as a bee, every undergraduate is usually faced with the challenge of juggling his/her college responsibilities as well as part-time jobs and family issues, which is a tough task for sure. Fortunately, technology is there when you need someone or something to help you manage your studying routine.

So, if you want to speed up the academic process and benefit from many technology tools available online for the needy students, here are some examples of learning and productivity apps that will support you in your everyday struggles.

Study Habits

If you’re searching for some comprehensive apps for productivity and learning, Study Habits could be the option. Using multiple strategies based on academic psychology, the app helps you develop healthy study habits that improve your memory, boost reading comprehension and motivation, as well as reduce anxiety and stress level.  


If you’re one of the persistent snoozers who tend to wake up about fifteen minutes too late for the classes, then make sure to download Alarmy: Sleep If You Can! The alarm app requires the users to perform some simple tasks (such as shaking the phone or taking a pic) in order to turn off the alarm. In addition to waking up just on time, the app will provide you with the weather updates, so you can decide if it’s the right time to put on those rubber boots and take the umbrella with you.  

Plot Generator

Whether you’re searching for the websites like AdvancedWriters to buy essays from or the apps to deal with the writing assignments, Plot Generator is a great variant. This UK based online tool consists of various generators for college writing projects of any type. Options include song lyrics, letters, and creative writing. Feel free to explore ideas for practically every existing genre with the app! Just choose the category, and the app will provide you with a wide assortment of various options to pick from to create your own piece. Taking into account the fact that Plot Generator is free, you will be impressed by how useful and in-depth this tool is.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

RealCalc is a free app available for Android. Basically, it is the stand-alone calculator that helps the users to accomplish all the computing assignments right from the mobile device. RealCalc provides you with a chance to take screenshots of all the calculations to be able to refer to those later.


The internet provides students with a great range of opportunities for learning, but let’s face it – the web can be a serious distraction. This blocking app is a real thing for those who need to block every website that steals one’s focus and time. Once you’ve blocked all non-essential sources, not even deleting Self-Control will let you access the blocked websites before the time you specified.  

Rockin Ramen & MealBoard

If you want to boost your eating habits, the following apps will help you eat smart and enjoy your food. Rockin Ramen is a perfect app for college students looking for nutritious recipes where ramen is the key ingredient. The other student app is called MealBoard. Feel free to use one to plan healthy meals that are good for the brain, to search for easy-to-deal-with recipes, and select grocery shops to fill up your fridge.


This beautiful tool is a perfect variant for both sides – the students and their tutors. Socrative engages undergraduates with thought-provoking quizzes and games, as well as provides the real-time data about your comprehension of academic materials, which allows you to get feedback instantly. Use Socrative to answer questions confidentially in order to feel comfortable in case you ask for any sort of clarification.

Circle of Six

Students safety apps are a real must-have for boys and girls, for use both off- and on-campus. The Circle of Six app will keep you safe if you’re out alone when it’s late at night. It works on iOS and Android and was created for the college students who need to be in touch with their friends. Using Circle of Six, you will be able to locate lost pals on nights out, as well as send them an instant SOS call at a single touch of a button. Find one another easily using GPS tracker that will mark your current location letting your friends know you’re safe and sound.

Getting on top of your academic routine usually means building a solid study plan, having regular meals and staying both inspired and motivated 24/7. But where do you start? The apps that we have included to the list do half the work for you, so you have an opportunity to feel less anxious and stressed, and more productive and encouraged.







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