5 Countries With A Great Work-Life Balance


Are you considering becoming an expat? You may have many reasons to live and work in another country. Many people need a change of scenery, want better weather, and look for a good work-life balance. Americans are seen to be dominated by work, and many want to move abroad to find a lifestyle that they cannot achieve at home. So what countries have the best balance and give you a whole different experience than the states? The list of the top five may surprise you.



The Germans are famous for their fierce work ethics, but they don’t work near the hours that you might think. A work week in this country is only 35 hours, and they are allowed a significant amount of vacation and personal days. When it comes to paid leave, it’s the third highest in the world, and they also give a generous amount of maternity leave to both mothers and fathers.

As far as a place with an excellent work-life balance, Germany ranked in the top five based on the experience of other expats. With a stable economy, strong manufacturing and financial trades, and exceptional career prospects, people don’t need to negotiate their personal lives to get ahead in their careers.

Outsiders find that it’s easy to migrate to their culture and they are welcoming to other cultures. The country is known for their safety ratings, it’s a clean region, and their rich cultural heritage is something that is captivating to explore. Though there will be some language barriers, German is not difficult to learn. In fact, many people find that there are plenty of English-speaking folks who love to practice.



A typical work week in Denmark is 37 hours. Even full-time workers in this country have 67 percent of their time to devote to family and fun. The government in this country is for the people. Their priority is high when it comes to family benefits. Most companies allow people to work from home or take a day off whenever they want. Whatever they are doing must be working as the people of this region are known for their happiness and live a healthy existence.

The Danes are known for their warm and informal lifestyles. So it makes it very easy for outsiders to settle in this region. The cost of living is rather high, but the salaries are more than fair. Many people say they make way more living here than they did in the states. It’s a charming country that is relaxed and easy for expats to fit right in.



Family life is meaningful in Sweden. Here, you adjust your work schedule around your life. For instance, if you need to drop your kids off to school or pick them up, your job will accommodate. A typical work day is only six hours, and only one percent of the Swedes work long hours.

One thing that the government has done to protect their workforce requires a certain number of days off. They give generous paid leave and allowances, and even offer temporary parental leave. If a child is sick and you need to stay home for an extended period, all you need is a smartphone app to apply for this benefit.

The Swedish people are eager to the embrace diversity of others. The work and family structure, the natural beauty of the land, and the sincere, friendly culture, help give the residents a great quality of life. They are another country that made it to the World Happiness Report, so they must be doing something right.



Australia is cutting back hours to help people have a more balanced life. The work week was originally 38 hours, but they have recently reduced it to 37 hours. Best of all, if you put ten years of service into a company, then you will get a three-month paid leave as a bonus. Who couldn’t use an extended vacation?

The Australian people are friendly, but they are very vocal. Many are quite humorous without even trying. They are charming and well cultured, but you always know where you stand. They do embrace diversity, and still have room for expats.

Once you settle in your job and new life, you may love it so much that you want to stay forever. Should you ever consider making a permanent move, then you should hook up with the Immigration AIA Melbourne as they can help get things through quicker.

There is so much to see and explore, and the beaches are some of the best in the world. When it comes to work-life balance, they are improving that every day. The cost of living is higher than the average, but the pay is higher too.



Finally, Switzerland is one of the places that have the most generous amount of vacation time, parental leave, and even childcare assistance. Working parents find that managing their life is easy in this country. Though the Swiss work an average of 40 hours per week, the benefits make the extra hours’ worth every minute.

Living in this nation has plenty of benefits. You can get some of the world’s most fantastic chocolate anytime you want. They have impressive mountain ranges, plenty of clear lakes, and excellent public transportation. Remember the days when everything used to be closed on Sundays so that people could be with their families? Well, the Swiss still uphold this custom. No matter how much you work, you will usually have one day of the weekend off.

Though there may be some dialect issues to overcome, the economy here is stable, and jobs are booming. They offer 98 days of paid maternity leave to both full and part-time workers. When it comes to contentment, the Swiss know how to balance a demanding work schedule and still be happy.


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The demands of the work life in America seems to have gotten out of hand. Many are looking for a place where they can step back a few years in time and have a simpler existence. The five areas listed above are fantastic places for expats to make their new home. These counties offer a great work life and plenty of time to spend with the family.








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