7 Things to Know About Dental Tourism and If It Is Right for You


More people are opting to have their dental treatment done abroad. Various studies have shown that dental tourism is on the rise. One of the top destinations for dental tourism is Mexico. There are many other places people visit for treatment and here is what Dentist Morgan Street Wagga would like you to know about the dental tourism trend.


1. Find a Top Dental Clinic

If you are planning to visit a country for dental work, you need to ensure that you visit a top dental clinic. There are portals where you can find the best dental clinics abroad that balance cost and quality.

After you find a clinic you like, you can also do your own research. In the era of the internet, that should not be too hard to do. There is a good chance that a fellow citizen will have visited the clinic. Thus, you can always ask for their opinions on anonymous online forums. One of the basic things you will check is where they have professional certifications.


2. Compare Prices

A major reason people go abroad for dental treatment is to get a better deal. However, you might end up only reducing your medical bills by a small fraction. After you find the top dental clinics in your nation of choice, take time to compare the prices. However, you must take care not to compromise on the quality.

Email the dental clinics and request them to send you their quotes for the procedure you need to be done. You will be surprised to find that prices can vary a great deal depending on the dental clinic you pick. From there, look at other factors before you settle on the clinic you will visit.


3. Ensure you Get All Your Shots

One of the dangers of traveling abroad for dental work is that you might catch a bug. While most medical facilities are usually quite safe, there is always a risk you might catch a bug since there are incisions made to your gums, which always come with a small risk.

Even after the treatment, you might catch an infection as the wound heals. Thus, it is important that you get all your shots before you travel. Discuss with your doctor about any shots you might before you travel. This reduces the chances of you catching any infection as you get your dental issue sorted out.


4. Think about the Language Barrier

If you are going abroad for dental treatment, it is likely that staff at the clinic you choose will speak English. However, that might not be so when you get to the airport, hotels, or try to use a taxi.

If possible, take time to learn a few phrases that you can use in the local language. Consider writing them down and trying to understand their pronunciation before you depart for the trip. If you have any allergies to any medication, it is important to note the names in the language where you will visit. Besides that, learn how to explain you have the allergy in the local language. Additionally, it is important to learn how you can request for emergency care.


5. It is Okay to Bring a Companion Along

While it might not be feasible when you consider the costs, if possible, have someone accompany you on the dental care trip. This person will handle the small but crucial tasks. For instance, they can help you to ensure you get all the prescriptions correct. Besides that, they will provide emotional support, which is important for any patient.

If you want to cut costs, you can have someone join you a few days after you arrive. This is when you are recovering from the dental procedure. It can be important since the recovery period can cause you to feel groggy due to the medication. Before you have a companion fly in, check the scheduling at the dental clinic. This way, there will not be any conflict.


6. Check with Your Local Dentist

The trip abroad will be over in a week or less. However, you will still have a relationship with your personal dentist that will possibly last for decades. Ensure that you hold a discussion with him on your plans for dental tourism. If you are lucky, he may already know of a few great dental clinics in your destination nation. Besides that, it can help to eliminate any conflicts that might arise from a contract you sign abroad.

If your dentist has objections, ensure that you adequately address them. He most likely has years of experience in this area and you should follow his advice. After all, he is the one who will have to deal with any issues that arise from your dental tourism trip. Even if he cannot stop you, it is always a good idea to understand the risks and benefits of making such a trip.


7. Have a Follow up Plan

With any dental procedure, there is always a small risk that it might go wrong. Thus, it is important to understand all the risks and have a follow-up plan. This can entail opting to stay longer abroad so that you can go for checkups. Thus, you might need to be out of the nation for weeks.

It is thus important to get your affairs in order. For instance, ensure that you sort things out with your employer. Additionally, ensure you have enough funds to cover the cost of an extended stay abroad. You might find yourself having to deal with an infection but not having the funds to cover the cost of treatment. You can also arrange with your local dentist to have a solution in waiting in case things go wrong.



For many, the primary incentive to look for dental treatment abroad is cost. However, that should not be the only consideration. Take time to examine some of the points above. This will ensure you get the most from your trip abroad.







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