7 elegant and beautiful furnishings for your growing family


Parents want homes that are both beautiful but also functional. Mom and dad need to think about the rooms in their home as they are right now. They also need to think about their plans for the future as their children grow. Modern designers have stepped up the challenge. They offer lovely and elegant furnishings for any growing family. Keep in mind how the items work right now as well as how they might work going forward when your family expands. It’s possible to have a fabulously pleasing room that also allows for change when the family does. Revive your home with help from clfservices and these easy, breezy home furnishing choices.


Beautiful Bookshelves

Every home needs books. Books add color and liveliness. Kids who are read to more likely to do well in school. Even young children benefit from a parent’s reading to them. Show off your books to everyone else. Begin with enough space to keep them on hand. Wood bookcases add a lot of style to any room. Bring them into each room in the home. Give kids their own bookcases. Reserve additional bookcases for specific categories like travel, fiction and cookbooks to keep your home organized and lovely.


Bunk Beds

Kids love sleepovers. Give your kids room for guests with bunk beds. Bunk beds also offer extra space for any visitors as well as room for expansion. Modern bunk beds have lots of wonderful detail and the use of better materials than ever before. If you want something high end, you’ll find lots of choices in varied types of woods. Ornate decorative touches are a great way to add detail to any bedroom. Make sure these are safe. You’ll want to look for good construction with sturdy details that keep the parts in great condition even when the kids are having a fantastic time.


Coffee Table Storage

Coffee tables are an important addition to any home. Low rise coffee tables invite conversation and make it easy for family members to grab a treat and relax in the living room before heading to school or work. Modern, well designed coffee tables can serve many different purposes. Look for tables that have storage to help keep the room tidy. A coffee table with drawers make the perfect thing to keep items like markers that kids can use to play with on a rainy day. The drawers can also be used to store mail and all magazine subscriptions as well as items like throws on a cold day.

Many parents are happy to take one step further. Coffee tables sometimes come with a top that slides up. This is a very useful feature that lets any room do double duty. Use the coffee table top as a desk and turn any room in the home into an office or space for kids to do their homework.


Grown Up Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs are lots of fun. Parents and children alike can sit back and enjoy hours of soothing rocking motion. Grownup rocking chairs are widely available and add a wonderful touch to any space. Many companies make rocking chairs that grow as the child does. A rocking chair can start out as a place for a mom to sit down and hold her new baby close. As the child grows, good rocking chairs have features that can be changed out to add sophistication. For example, a rocking chair may have cushions that can be removed or recovered. Adding new cushions to the rocking chair is an ideal way to update it. Parents can also strip down the chair’s wood and then repaint it. Staining it a new color or putting in additional details makes the chair look great again. Add a place to put up your feet for even more ease of use.


Flexible Lighting

Lighting is truly a necessity in your home. Parents need lighting that offers them the flexibility they need to respond to changing lighting conditions. Kids love lighting with brightly colored lamp shades. A set of nightlights makes it possible for children to find their way around at night. Many companies offer night lights that are easy for kids and parents to use as well as well designed. Other lighting choices are also easy to find. For example, offer enough lighting for kids to do homework. A desk lamp with varied settings to get it just right is ideal. Overhead lighting should be available in every room. Place floor lamps in corners to add enough additional light so everyone can see what they’re doing.


Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofas are much loved by many parents. They’re often low to the ground. This makes it easy for little kids to reach the floor and sit comfortably. Sectional sofas have many kinds of modern features and fabrics. Parents can find sectionals in all sorts of fabrics from silk to leather. Think about ways to protect that sofas fabric from little sticky hands. A set of slipcovers will fit over even larger sectionals. Switch out the slipcovers as the seasons change. The same thing is true for any pillows. Keep a series of pillow covers on hand. Use formal ones when welcoming guests and more casual items when kids are having fun with friends.


Upscale Futon

Futons are an easy way to add space for guests and have seating in the same area. The futon can be dressed up with a mattress designed using modern flourishes such as a pillow top. Place great sheets on top of it made from satin or easy care cotton. The futon can be used with ease in any room in the home. Keep it in the basement for movie night with the family. A futon can also be used in a child’s room. Many places sell beds with a futon on the bottom. Then the bed goes on the top so they child have a place to sleep at night.








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