Turn Family Photos Into Art Pieces

Photos offer such a creative medium to explore a variety of colorful ways to express ourselves. Many people have huge collections of family photos, children playing, pets, holiday snapshots, that can be shared as gifts or simply turned into different artistic expressions for personal use. Why not do something fun and creative with all those pictures on your hard drive or even physical photos? Here are a few suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.

Turn photos into paintings

Thanks to modern apps and art services available online, it’s never been easier to turn a family photo to pop art and hang it on your wall. Very reasonably priced services online can take either a digital or physical copy of a favorite photo and create a genuinely unique piece of artwork that can be displayed in your home and will get the attention of friends and family alike.

Enlarged prints

Perhaps you have one or several interesting portraits or other family photos that could make a beautiful focal point in your living room or another area of your home. A great way to utilize bare wall space is to have a favorite photo enlarged and framed. This can create an eye-catching and striking decorative way to display your photos. Many local and online services can help you explore the right size prints for any wall space in your home. If the photo you want to be enlarged is too small to do so without causing distortion, consider converting a photo to painting technique mentioned in the previous section. An artist can paint an enlarged version of the photo, using creative techniques to expand the image in a way which looks better than any attempt to turn a low-resolution image file into a large print.

Framed collages

Another popular way to highlight your family is to create a collage. You can gather up all your best pics into one frame that will showcase favorite highlights of family events and memories into one display. Many do-it-yourself applications have a collage feature that you can play around with. Once you are satisfied with your creation simply find a printing and framing service and voila, you will have a lasting collection of cherished family memories all in one.

Printed on textiles

This can be a very personal and unique way to turn your photos of family memories into a functional work of art. Printing a photo onto a blanket can make an excellent gift idea as well as a comfortable item that friends or family can use in their homes. Also, t-shirts make excellent items to keep your family memories alive. They can be creative conversation starters about your children or other members of the family.

Displaying multiple photos

The possibilities are numerous and endless when it comes to how to display your favorite photos. You can create a small or large grid of framed photos on one wall, customer shelves with photos lined up maybe overlapping one another, accent lights that illuminate beautiful displays of multiple photos on walls. The possibilities are endless. Explore the Internet to get ideas of what you like and what would work for your space.

There are so many ways that you can bring your photos of your family to life, whether it is turning a photo to pop art, getting giant prints that cover whole walls, printing on t-shirts or a photo on a blanket, there are sure to be several ways that will suit your taste and preferences. Printing services online and locally can help you choose what works for your home or office space and given so many options you are bound to find one that meets your needs. Whatever you decide on doing with your family pictures, have fun and be creative. You and your family can enjoy the memories in new ways!

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