5 Tips to Keep Your Life Organised When You Have a Big Family


Raising a large family can be a challenge in many different ways. Whether you’re stepping over sippy cups left in the hallway or trying to figure out how to afford higher education costs for several children, there are a lot of ways that you can organise your life to make things more organized and effective.

1. Label everything to keep it all organised

If you’ve got a lot of products that look the same but are each for an individual child, labeling is a huge help. If you have five different sippy cups and stress about telling them apart, labeling each one using kids daycare name labels can help enable you to keep track and easily communicate who has what item.

Labels are great in other areas too, however. There are many ways to label everything a child owns, from backpacks to books. This will help keep you organized. Additionally, you can also label toys to help save time. With labels, you’ll be able to easily tell which toy belongs to who. Personalised labels can help save you time, money, and stress.

2. Group appointments together

If one child has to do a checkup, try and get another child in at the same time. If multiple children are on medication, try and arrange their medication for the same pick-up time each month. This will help save you time and money on fuel.

3. Buy in bulk

When possible, buy in bulk. This will enable you to get the best deal on products, and ensure you have enough to last. Trying to save money on food is great as well by utilizing sales advertisements. There are many ways that you can save money on simple, everyday products. Using coupons can also be a great way to save money. There are entire stores dedicated to buying in bulk, such as Costco, and a membership to one of these stores can be a great way to save money.

4. Look for free activities

Places that charge even a few dollars or pounds per individual can be costly for a large family. There are many great ways that you can get into things for free by doing just a little research. Museums will often offer free days, for example. The library is always a fantastic resource as well. Some places even offer online coupons and discounts. Sometimes doing just a few minutes of research can save you big money when it comes to activities for the whole family to enjoy.

5. Encourage scholarships

Encourage your children to apply for scholarships. This will help you save money when you’re looking into getting your children into college or university. When your children are applying for higher education opportunities, look into free applications. This will help you stretch out your money to get help cover more costs.

Scholarship applications are time-consuming but can become available as soon as your child starts year six, so encourage your child to fill out applications as early as possible to maximise their chances for success!

Overall, it’s challenging yet fun to raise a big family. Doing a little research can save you hundreds of pounds, as well as stress and frustration. Spending a little time now to get yourself organised and ready pay off down the road.

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