Wrapping Up Christmas with The Gift Experience


Just in case you didn’t get the memo, there is only one week left until Christmas, people!

One week!

Once we’ve finished lamenting how quickly this year has gone, how fast this month is going and how time seems to be flying faster as we age, let’s face up to getting ourselves into gear for the most wonderful time of the year.

Here are my last-minute picks from The Gift Experience (so kids, if you’re reading this post, stop right now or at least have the decency to act half-surprised when you open your presents on Christmas morning).


For Marvel Fans


There are quite a few Marvel fans in our house, me included, so this Iron Man plush backpack is a great find, particularly since you can currently grab it with an additional 40% off.

The Gift Experience website states that: “This awesome Marvel Ironman soft plush backpack is the perfect accessory for any young boy”. I beg to differ. I reckon any of my boys or girls from 25-year-old Ben down to 4-year-old Tim would be more than happy to open this on Christmas morning. I wonder who the lucky one will be?


For Wildlife Lovers



For her birthday last month, Bel asked for a pet tiger, a pet husky and a pet rabbit. All real ones. To live in the house and share her bed with her.

I pointed out that the pet tiger and husky might perhaps hunt the pet rabbit and eat it. To which she replied: ‘I always wanted to see that.’

She’s obviously been watching too many episodes of The Prey.

As I’ve not long finished redecorating their bedroom, I’m a little concerned that a real tiger might ruin the new carpet. I’m hoping this Living Nature Large Tiger might be a reasonable alternative.


For Spider Fans



My children are weird.

For several reasons, if I am honest. One of which being their refusal to enter a room should a spider larger than an eyelash be in it, but taking great pleasure in creating fake spiders to scare their siblings with.

This remote control wall climbing tarantula should ensure therapy for at least three siblings, I should imagine.


And Something That Little Bit Extra

the gift experience personalised cushion


I always imagined myself to be a cuddly kind of grandma. The sort like my own that grandchildren would  run to, joyfully climbing into my lap for big, warm granny hugs and smoochy kisses.

It turned out that rather than being like my own nan, I’ve turned out more like the kind of grandparent my Dad was to my children and my grandad was to us: one that would tease and wind up the grandchildren.

As a result, my relationship with Oscar is quite fun.

I get to tease him and he gets to react funnily.

Being a kid, he tells it like it is (e.g. ‘WHOA! THAT WAS CLOSE’ when he’s in my car while I’m driving around corners, for example).

Being his mother’s kid, he comes out with some pretty incredible things that are much more enjoyable to hear given that people won’t be aiming their disapproving looks at me. The joys of being a grandparent!

What can I say?

How could I resist giving Oscar a Christmas gift that both he and Steph would cry over? Whether the tears will be of joy or of disbelief, we will see. I guarantee that when this personalised cushion is opened, the tears from both will flow.

And flow.

And flow.

With 24 hours for despatch, you still have time to make someone’s Christmas with your beautiful face on a personalised cushion too. Whose Christmas will you ruin make?


Many thanks to The Gift Experience for providing these gifts in exchange for this post. Merry Christmas to you all!








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