Why all is not lost for early school leavers


Christmas is traditionally a time of reflection and planning, looking to the new year with optimism and hope. Yet for many children who have left mainstream education early and their families, it can be a time fraught with worry. The path ahead may not be so clear. All is not lost however, as the UK’s leading online school InterHigh explains in a guest article written for Larger Family Life.


Many pupils leave mainstream school between September and Christmas for various reasons. The one-size fits all educational model simply is not suitable for everyone. Many pupils can find Primary school and the transition from primary to secondary school overwhelming and full of anxiety. Following a pupil’s first term, many parents may decide it is best to withdraw their children from school altogether.

We also find many older pupils studying AS and A Levels leave their courses early too at mainstream secondary schools and colleges. This can be for various reasons from the style of teaching to the range of courses available. The festive period can also be a worry for parents who have decided to home school. It is a big undertaking, especially for parents with no background in education. Many of the parents who contact us realise they require extra support.

If you or someone you know have children that have left mainstream education, help is at hand. We teach pupils from Year 5 through to Year 13. Here are some of the reasons why InterHigh has been found to be a great alternative for early school leavers and parents who home school their children.


You can take lessons wherever you are

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Due to InterHigh’s online status, we are able to offer a flexible timetable. Early school leavers and parents who choose to home educate their children have found this to be invaluable as you can study at InterHigh wherever you are. Also, because we record all of our real-time lessons, pupils can access our archive 24/7 to catch up with work or go over material for revision or projects.  


Real-time lessons taught by qualified teachers


InterHigh teaches pupils the national curriculum for England. Our experienced, qualified staff lead pupils in real-time, timetabled lessons. Class sizes are kept to a minimum ensuring that all pupils have the attention they deserve. Also, because we are online, break out sessions and group work can be carried out easily and not restricted by the physical facilities of the school. Our online status also means that our teachers can teach for the entire lesson length without the disruption usually experienced at a traditional school.  


Make rapid progress

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The syllabus for each subject is designed to be engaging for pupils. We also structure sessions to promote and encourage independent learning and further enquiry. Pupils are deliberately taught no more than two subjects a day, in a bid to consolidate learning. We find that pupils make rapid progress by following our revolutionary teaching model.


A good grounding for further education

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This approach also gives pupils good grounding for the way in which further and higher education is taught. On average, many of our students go on to graduate with an upper second-class degree or higher at university.

Want to know more? InterHigh hold regular Open Evenings for prospective students and those wanting to find out more. The next one is behind held on 9 January 2019 at 6.30pm GMT. Click here to book your place or visit the website for more information: https://interhigh.co.uk










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