The Best Holiday Destinations for New Parents


New parents can often stress and struggle to find a way to enjoy your time together as a family. That’s why it’s key to make the most of the holiday season when it comes around.

Maybe your long-haul holidays are a thing of the past — for now —  but there are so many new holiday destinations for you and your clan to explore. With the help of Babythingz — who specialise in double buggies — we’ve created a comprehensive list of the top child-friendly holiday destinations for you to choose from.



Let’s face it, travelling with kids can be exhausting. The safest bet when it comes to short-haul trips is to stay in the UK. This should help reduce stress levels as you won’t have to put up with a  fussy child for too long after leaving the house. So, how about Cornwall? The Cornish coast in south-west England has a pleasantly warm climate and is one of the country’s most beautiful, peaceful and exciting spots.

There are some lovely, and relatively secluded cottages, available to hire in Cornwall. They can play host to some amazing family bonding time away from civilisation — allowing loud toddlers to play to their heart’s content! Try to go for accommodation that offers you and your family space but is still within walking distance to activities to keep children entertained — like the beach. In Cornwall, you can visit Newquay Zoo and the Minack Theatre, which is based in Porthcurno and features comedy puppet shows for kids.  


Scottish west coast

Like Cornwall, the Scottish coast can provide an amazing backdrop for you to enjoy a beautiful family getaway —  however, the weather may be slightly cooler than its southern comparison! Visit here, and you’ll have your choice of child-friendly hotels and quiet chalets to choose from.

The Scottish west coast is perfect for those travelling with an infant as well as older kids. There’s no need to head abroad for beautiful beaches — the Scottish west coast is peppered with gorgeous coastlines. Head to Sanna Bay, which features white sand and turquoise water, or take a family cycling trip to take in the incredible landscape of Glencoe.


Disneyland Paris

Let’s face it, Disneyland Paris is on a lot of parents’ bucket lists let alone their children’s. Although this destination may be best suited to youngsters around three years old and over, all kids will enjoy the colours, lights and characters on show at Disneyland Paris. Plus, you have a collection of great, family-friendly Disney hotels to stay in, which will make travelling to and from the park much less stressful!

Based in the capital city of France, it’s just a short journey away from the UK, making it a superb holiday choice if you’re travelling with babies or excitable toddlers. At Disneyland Paris, you have a wide selection of shows, rides and attractions designed to captivate and entertain babies, toddlers and adults. Wander through Wonderland at Alice’s Curious Labyrinth, go up in the air on Dumbo the Flying Elephant, enjoy the bouncing Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin ride, or book to meet Mickey Mouse himself!


The Algarve

Like Disneyland, Portugal’s popular Algarve region as just a short trip from the UK, with a flight taking approximately two-and-a-half to three hours. So, if you think your little one can handle the journey, treat yourself to a holiday abroad!

The Algarve region has long been a popular haunt for British tourists, so it has plenty of child-friendly resorts, hotels and activities that will suit kids from newborn to toddler. There are lots of waterparks around the area featuring sections for babies, although we recommend choosing some of the calmer towns



If you think that you can trust your toddler on a longer flight, why not give Tenerife a go? After a four to five-hour flight, you’ll land on one of the most popular islands in the Canaries and a place where there’s no time difference — no need to spend time and effort getting your little one adjusted to a normal sleeping pattern!

Perhaps a great selling point for young families, many hotels offer an on-site childcare service, so you can pencil in some alone time should you wish. How about taking a scenic walk up Mount Teide or giving a few organised water sports a go? Tenerife has a fantastic climate for children as well — not too hot, little rain and practically no humidity, which will make sleeping easier.


Tips on travelling with kids

Every simple task can be made so much harder when you have a baby or toddler in tow. So, what can you do to make travelling on holiday less of an ordeal? Here are a few tips:

  • Give yourself plenty of time: if you’re late, you’ll create unwanted — and probably sky high — stress yourself levels and a fussy child will only add to the anxiety. So, start your holiday on a positive note by setting off early.
  • Have plenty of toys on hand for your young ones: from the car ride to the airport to the plane journey itself, make sure you pack your child’s essentials — toys and games. Preferably, opt for quiet games that are best suited for public transport.
  • Think luggage: packing all the essentials for a baby or toddler can add a surprising amount of weight to your luggage, so cut down where you can by opting for a lightweight buggy and travel-sized toys and sanitary products.
  • Check your booking: a child-friendly hotel with plenty of amenities for kids is a must.
  • Be careful with baby food and milk: you can carry baby milk and baby food through airport security in containers over 100ml, so make sure you prepare this before setting off.
  • Check in online:  remove all unnecessary airport hassle by checking in over your laptop or phone prior to your day of travel.
  • Discuss the journey: if this is the first time your child is taking a long-distance journey, make the event seem positive and exciting by chatting them through what will happen — this may make them less apprehensive, especially if you’re flying.
  • Comforts: don’t forget the little things that soothe your baby, like their favourite soft toy, blanket or even type of food. They may just help calm them down during long car rides.

Hopefully, you will now feel as if you can take that break you’ve been dreaming of. Bear the above tips in mind to help make the journey just as good as the destination, too.







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