Best Apps to Keep You Occupied on Holiday


Are you a gadget head that simply can’t be without your favourite device? Of course you are, heck, you are probably reading this on your mobile device of choice! You are not alone as we, too, are constantly glued to our smartphone.

So what is one to do when away from the comforts of their own home? Load your phone up with your favourite apps, of course! So whether you are holidaying in Wales or on the other side of the word, you can keep yourself occupied with our favourite apps.



Twitch (1)

The last five years have seen an incredible rise in the internet streamer, which has been spearheaded by Twitch – formerly Justin.TV. The platform is the home of live streaming gamers and, with over 14 million users every day, Twitch is live and kicking.

As well as watching people from around the world playing your favourite games, you can participate in a live chat with other like-minded individuals. As entertainment moves with the digital wave, live streamers are taking full advantage and we, as a willing audience, are more than happy to sit there staring at a screen as we watch other people staring at a screen.



On long journeys and, let’s face it, on holiday there is a lot of travel involved, we need our favourite tunes to keep us sane. Whether your album of choice is Definitely Maybe by Oasis or Abba’s Waterloo, Spotify is there to see you through.

Twenty years ago, it would have been unthinkable to have your entire music library in your back pocket. Fast forward to the present day and there we have it and, not only that, you can create and share playlists with your friends and family.


Social Apps

Where would we be without the ability to share pictures of our holiday to make all of our friends jealous? Before the introduction of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you would have to wait until you got home to bore all of your friends and family with slideshow after slideshow.

Now, you can rub your friends and families faces in the fact that you are sitting on a beach, whilst actually still sitting on the beach. Technology, eh? Amazing! Share your snaps and remember to use hashtags such as #BeachLife, #SunSeaAndCocktails and #WishYouWereHere. You know, just to let your friends know you are thinking about them.



On holiday, you can never find anything good to watch on television, can you? Most hotels only provide the basic channels, and even then the picture isn’t that good. Fear not, though, because YouTube is on hand to keep you occupied with cat videos galore! Hopefully where you are staying has stable Wi-Fi, or at the very least your phone has a decent 4G signal.

Of course, using your data to stream music is one thing, but streaming videos use a whole lot more data. Make sure to book somewhere that offers Wi-Fi, even if you have to pay a nominal fee to use it.



Lastly, and probably most importantly, having trusty travel apps on your phone such as Google Maps, public travel services and any other apps on the local area will serve you well when out and about. Finding your way somewhere new can be scary and challenging, so a handy companion will help you on your travels.

With any map app, download the latest map to your phone when connected to Wi-Fi. This will help to keep your data usage down to a minimum, meaning that you need not worry about running out of data when walking unknown streets.







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