How to Get Your Home Ready for Winter


With the temperature dropping and nights getting darker, the winter season is quickly approaching and so you will need to make sure that your home is ready both internally and externally. Here, we are taking you through our top tips for how to get your home ready for the upcoming winter season so that it not only feels cosy, but also so that it can survive the elements!


Clean Out Your Gutters

Before the colder weather really hits, one of the first things that you will want to do is clean out your gutters. It is vital that you make sure your gutters are free from any debris such as leaves, dirt and sticks that can all build up over the autumn. When you have gutters that are clogged up, this will prevent any rain draining of rain or melting snow and this can ultimately end up resulting in household leaks. You will also want to make sure that any downspouts are extended away from your home as this will ensure that any water coming down is running away from your home and not towards it.


Check Out Your Roof

While you are cleaning out your gutters, you will also want to inspect your roof to make sure that there are no missing, loose or damaged shingles. If you spot anything wrong with your roof, it is vital that you call a roofer that can help you fix these repairs and keep up your maintenance.


Tidy Up Your Garden

Before we talk about the things you can do internally to prepare your home for winter, the last thing that you should make sure you do externally is tidy up your garden. If you have any overgrown bushes or trees, make sure to trim these back away from your home and any electrical wires. This will help to make sure that you are not risking any damage to your property or causing any power problems.


Warm Paint Colours

When you are getting your home ready for winter, you may want to think about giving it a lick of paint. Warm paint colours are great for the winter seasons as they will add a sense of energy and warmth to any space and this can instantly brighten the interior mood. Choose a pint colour that is warm in tone but won’t feel too cold in the low light. Some perfect paint ideas include a muted terracotta or a dusky millennial pink.


Soft Furnishings

During the winter months, we want space such as our living room and bedroom to have a warm and cosy feel to it. Soft furnishings are a great way to add this atmosphere to any room and everyone loves shaggy rugs, soft cushions, fluffy throws and beautiful bedding. If you’re looking for some tips for transforming your bedroom, take a look at this article on FishPools for more ideas as to how you can transform your bedroom into a winter wonderland this upcoming season.


Wall Art

As the days get darker, you will want to make sure that your home still has that feel good factor when you come in from those cold, dark returns home from the office. A great way that you can do this is to add some wall art to your home. This will bring both character and energy to a room and we would recommend choosing some bright art pieces. This does not have to cost you a lot of money and you can even get the lids to help by pinning up their paintings.


Bring in Some Nature

During the winter months, we really don’t get to enjoy nature as much as we would like being stuck indoors, but that does not mean to say that we can’t bring some nature inside. Winter is a great time to introduce some flower power to your home and this doesn’t just have to be in the form of fresh flowers as it can also be another kind of mood enhancer such as bold floral wallpaper. This will provide you with some instant cheer and you can say goodbye to those horrible winter blues.


Add Reflective Pieces

Last, but not least, why not add in some reflective pieces to your living room or bedroom? Including lots of mirrors, lamps and even metallic furniture, which is very on trend right now, will allow the limited light that you have during the winter months to bounce around and act as a mood lifter. These types of objects pull in double duty and will bring some much needed glimmer into your home during the winter period.

If you are currently in the midst of trying to get your home ready for winter, try out these top tips to make sure you survive the winter season.








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