Why Video Reviews are Better than Written Reviews


Whether you’re planning a family holiday or buying your first mattress, every purchase counts. But with the wide array of products accessible via the internet, it can sometimes be difficult to know which will work for you and your family. If you are not sure which brand or style to choose, your best option is to research product reviews. These should provide valuable, unbiased insight into the product itself so you can make the most informed decision possible.

However, written reviews can often be misleading. They’ll typically use sales jargon and persuasive language to sell the product to you instead of honestly review it. So how do you find an authentic review that gives you the information you need? Following the idea of “show, don’t tell,” video reviews are a better way to get to know a product. Never used video reviews before? Here are ten reasons why they can help you make the best decision about where to spend your money.



You know what they say: seeing is believing. The most obvious reason why a video is better than a written review is that you can actually see the product—or witness exactly how it functions outside of a an ad campaign. A good video reviewer will provide close-up footage and then in-action footage of the product itself. This process allows you to see the product being used in a real-life scenario so you can determine whether or not it’s something that you want.


Nonverbal Communication

When we talk to someone, we don’t just listen to what they’re saying, we also read their body language. It’s a facet of human interaction that provides that personal air often lost via the written word. By its design, watching a video review is often a more authentic experience because you’ll be able to pick up on body language cues that signal how the review feels toward the product.


Video Length

Let’s be honest—in today’s world many people aren’t willing to sink the time into reading a complex review. Video reviews, however, tend to be around three minutes long. The reviewer can make their point, explain the product, and provide valuable insight within a shorter time span. This allows you to work through reviews quicker—meaning you can get through more of them to help you reach an informed decision.



Lying on camera is considerably more difficult than doing so via the written word. Thus, video reviews tend to be a bit more honest and natural. An honest review, like this MVMT watches review, will provide you with the information you need because the reviewer is most likely expressing their honest opinion.


Real People

Now that built-in cameras are the standard in most computers and phones, you can easily access video reviews from people who have the same questions about the product as you. Instead of actors endorsing products in commercials, everyday people with can provide valuable insight into whether an item is actually useful. Videos have a tendency to show the reality of a situation better than written reviews, so it’s easier to get a more accurate depiction of the product.


Easy for You

The internet is, of course, the easiest way to access information. You search for an item you want and a wealth of information immediately populates. Let’s be honest; clicking on a video review and watching it is the easiest path to understanding the ins and outs of a given product. It’s the least time-consuming—as the reviewer has already gone ahead and done the heavy lifting for you.


The Comments

The comments on video reviews are often brutally honest. They will call out any mistruths or inaccuracies about the product being reviewed. It’s a collaborative and interactive space full of mini reviews. Don’t negate the comments. Read through them to be sure the reviewer is providing accurate information.


The Variety

The vastness of the internet provides endless information. If what you’re wanting to buy is a popular product, you can be sure there are going to be multiple reviews to give you many different perspectives.


You Might Just Get a Great Deal

Videos reviews often end with a discount code for you to take advantage of, such as free shipping or a reduction on the original price. This can be indicative of a biased review but—more often than not—it is a fantastic way to shop economically.

Video reviews are a surefire way to learn about any product you could ever want. They’re honest, subjective, and immersive. When you’re on the fence about making a purchase, it’s always a good idea to turn to video reviews to help you make the final decision.







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