How to Prep Your Bedroom to Encourage Sleep While Pregnant

Learning that you are pregnant can send you and your significant other into a flurry of activity, excitement, and preparation. It’s normal for the focus to be on all the items you need for the baby, preparing the baby’s room, and getting the house baby-proofed. One area that doesn’t always get attention is your own personal health and comfort. Pregnancy is incredibly hard on the body, and expectant mums will go through all kinds of changes during those nine months.

One area that often suffers during pregnancy is sleep. You have all kinds of things working against you while pregnant, all of which can make sleep almost impossible. What this means is that you may want to take a little extra time to also prep your bedroom in a way that encourages sleep. Here are some tips you can use.


Invest in a Fan with a Remote Control

As your body grows, it’s quite normal to feel overheated at times, especially if your third trimester happens to be during the summer months. When you’re lying in bed feeling sweaty and uncomfortable, it will be next to impossible to fall asleep. This is why a fan can help to encourage better sleep. As an added tip, look for one with a remote control so that you don’t have to get up to adjust it in the middle of the night.


Pick Up Nasal Strips

Even if you’ve never been the type to snore in your life, it’s common to snore during pregnancy. There is a lot of extra weight on your body, which can cause the snoring. If the snoring is waking you and/or your partner up, nasal strips can be the perfect solution. These help to open up the nasal passageways and cut down on snoring.


Don’t Underestimate the Power Nap

Power naps can also be your saving grace while pregnant. I loved this recent piece where top bloggers were asked “What Sleep Advice Would You Give Expectant Mums?”, and one of the bloggers swore by a power nap to make up for the lack of sleep during the overnight hours. It can be just enough that you feel energised and able to tackle the rest of the day. I’d recommend that blog, which goes on to state a number of other tips from expectant mothers to be which might provide you with more insight on getting a great nights’ sleep.


Surround Yourself with Pillows

Now is the time to invest in pillows, and lots of them. Surrounding yourself with pillows while you sleep will help to keep you in the best sleeping position, offer added support, and just provide comfort. You can place them behind your back to prevent you from rolling on your back, between your legs for support, wedge one under your belly, and more.


Hang Blackout Curtains

You also want to encourage sleep even if it means heading to bed early and or having a lie in. Blackout curtains can help create a more restful and quiet environment in the bedroom.


Stick to a Routine

The final tip is to set up a nightly routine and stick to it. This means heading to bed by a certain hour each and every night, even on the weekends. Sleep may become a rarity once the baby arrives, so make sure you get plenty of it before your due date!









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