Staying Safe In and Out of the Home


Staying safe is a very broad term as your safety is important at all times. It will mean different things to different people but whatever the scenario, we can do our best to make sure our safety is well considered.


Looking after yourself and those around you

We all have the right to stay safe and feel protected at all times. Crimes and incidents do happen, and realistically this is something we should all be aware of. Whatever setting we are in there are going to be moments where we feel vulnerable or we can be in situations where extra caution and vigilance should be prevalent.

The risk to your safety can come from objects, surroundings, animals or other people. There are always steps we can take to ensure that we keep ourselves safe.

Let’s make this part clear

This is not a reason or cue to panic, rather we can use it is an opportunity to learn how to equip yourself and be well prepared for such situations. The more you do to educate yourself on how to stay safe in all scenarios will allow you to get through life with more peace and a sense of wellbeing.

So let’s have a look at some of the different scenarios in which this might happen.


Teaching children how to deal with strangers

Every child is going to encounter strangers as they get older, this is a fact of life. Some of the best things we can do to ensure a child’s safety is to teach them how to call for help in case of emergency, or never to give personal details to strangers.

This should be the same if they are talking to somebody over the phone that they don’t know.


Store important things carefully

security lock

Leaving large amounts of cash at home is a bad idea, it is much safer in a bank and if the bank is ever robbed, the money isn’t yours to lose in a sense. Important legal documents and other important items should be kept in a safe if you do keep them at home.

Otherwise, you could keep them in a safe deposit box that is well secured somewhere else.


Opening and closing times

If you are responsible for opening or closing any premises in or around business hours, then you should be aware that these are your most vulnerable times. Always check to see if you notice anything suspicious going on around you.

Also keep as little cash as possible in your till at any times, especially don’t keep any cash on the premises overnight unless you absolutely have to. This is the first place thiefs or burglars will target on business premises.


Exercising outdoors at night

There are several things you can do to keep yourself safe when going for a late night walk or exercise session. To begin with, always wear bright colours or high-vis clothing. It can be very dangerous if you are next to a lot of oncoming traffic and drivers cannot see you.

Keep headphone sound to a minimum so you can hear anything approaching you, try and stay in well-lit areas if you can and always let somebody know where you are going to be.

Also, ensure you take a phone with you in case of emergencies.


Appliances in the home

launderette laundry washing machine

Take a quick look around your home to make sure electrical equipment does not pose any risks. Keep all of your appliances away from sinks, taps and bathtubs. This should be a strong rule of thumb for you and everybody you know as it causes a serious risk to your life if you are electrocuted.

You should also never place metal in a toaster or in any plug, whether it is on or off. If you do need to check an appliance, always make sure it is unplugged from the mains. To be even safer, you could turn off the power box in your home.



You should always have some sort of idea on how to defend yourself in certain situations so learning self-defence tips can be extremely valuable.

The safest way to commute s is to go places in large groups and meet new people in busy, crowded areas where there will be a lot of witnessess.

Do not have expensive items on display as this will make you more of a target, hide your personal items and only get them out when you need to. Walking around with your new phone or jewellery on display will only get you noticed in ways that you don’t need.

Carrying legal weapons for self-defence like pepper spray can be really effective when protecting yourself but do check the laws in your country or region to make sure that the items you carry are not restricted.

You could even consider taking up self-defence or martial arts classes to boost your confidence, you will get the benefits of exercise and know how to combat people if you are ever put in that situation.

Self-defence classes teach you how to defend yourself in all types of scenarios.


Be safe wherever you go

You can contact your local authorities for more tips on how to stay safe in and out of the home. You should never try and act like a hero and only do what you really have to do.

Making a quick exit, ensuring your home is secure as possible and that your loved ones are safe are of the most importance and don’t forget to teach the kids about good home security too. When they say safety comes first, there were strong reasons behind the theory and why people practise it!








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