Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Hallway


The hallway is the grand entrance to your home and the first chance you get to make a statement and make people feel welcome.

They are easily overlooked and when people decorate, they think of this much-used area lastly! We all know the saying that first impressions are everything, so let’s make your hallway look amazing but durable too, as it will see a lot of traffic.


Create useful storage

Some built-in cupboards for shoes, bags and brollies can really help you hide the clutter, it also helps give an organised feel to your hallway. A cluttered entrance is going to feel chaotic whenever you welcome people, plus the look of scattered shoes is less than appealing.

If you can’t go for the built-in cupboards, you could always try purchasing a storage bench that pretty much does the same thing. People can sit on it and you can store shoes underneath in style.


Hard flooring

Fitting hard flooring is a long-term solution for your home, something that can handle the changing seasons, dirty footwear and treading. Slate, stone or wood are materials that will last a long time. Carpets in hallways are not going to last forever, especially if you live in a busy household.


Mirror on the wall

Hallway mirrors look great and add a sense of space to any staircases, they capture light and reflect it to fill up the room with an airy feel. Hallway mirrors make a great focal point to the entrance of your home.



Staircase refurbishment can breathe new life back into an old, depressed looking hallway. A new carpet, wooden stairway or fitted rug can uplift the entire hallway, with no pun intended. How about going for something completely unique by looking into bespoke staircases for your home?


Light the mood

Different strength of lights play to different themes of a room, if you have a narrow passageway then a transparent light shade will work well.

There really are no wrong answers, it all comes down to your personal taste and the effect you want to create in your own home. Wall lighting can illuminate storage benches, clothing racks, etc and they work really well if you don’t have high ceilings.


Keep on running

A runner carpet or rug can look fantastic on a long hallway floor, drawing eyes and the mind into your home. When placed properly they command a person’s eyes to be drawn into your abode, let them flow and don’t let any furniture get in the way as this will take away the desired effect.


There are so many other things you can do too, like adding dramatic wallpaper or pieces of furniture. Console tables work really well for small or narrow hallways as they don’t take up a lot of space.

Creating the perfect hallway is subjective and although you will find a lot of conflicting ideas online, just take your time to do the research and find a plan that works for you. Creating a new hallway that is welcoming may even inspire your themes for the rest of your home.






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